The following is a guest post from our friends over at RecipeLion.

Don’t tell anyone, but we’ve cracked the vaults to bring you some of your favorite restaurant copycat recipes. We all love to go out to eat and enjoy the flavors of restaurant cuisine, but we can’t afford to do that every night. With our collection of Secret Recipes Revealed: 16 Restaurant Copycat Recipes, you’ll be able to fool your family into thinking that you ordered out from their favorite restaurants by making dishes that taste just like the real thing.


We’ve got every meal covered with our collection of top secret recipes .From breakfast to dessert to even appetizers, you’ll be able to enjoy copycat recipes from Cracker Barrel, Olive Garden, and even White Castle in the comforts of your own home and wallet. You may even find dinner ideas and a new favorite restaurant recipe among the bunch. Try something new off the menu and at the dinner table. There’s nothing wrong with being called a copycat when you save money and eat delicious food because of it.

So, enjoy our collection of restaurant inspired recipes and see if you can taste the difference. With this list, you’re going to feel like you went out for dinner every night. Enjoy and happy eating!


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Restaurant Copycat Recipes

Restaurant Copycat Sweet Recipes


Restaurant Copycat Recipes

This collection of copycat recipes has some of our favorites that we love to order when we’re out. It’s perfect if you are looking for some great appetizer recipes for a party or are looking for a comfort dish to make for the family. There’s something for every occasion that everyone will love. Enjoy.


Panera Bread Broccoli Cheddar Soup – This delicious copycat recipe will keep you warm in the colder months. A classic any dinner table, it has a cheesy robust flavor that will have you eating spoonful after spoonful.

Outback’s Alice Springs Copycat Chicken – Marinated with a honey mustard sauce and topped with bacon and cheese, this chicken recipe is a must.

Arby’s Copycat Grilled Chicken – It’s good mood food. Good on your favorite bread, or as a wrap, there are so many ways to enjoy this delicious chicken salad recipe.

Copycat Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwiches – Fried to perfection, this wonderful copycat recipe allows you to enjoy the flavors of Chick-fil-A in the comforts of your own home.

KFC Inspired Fried Chicken – Made with my not so secret herbs and seasoning, this will leave you coming back for more and enjoying bite after bite.

White Castle Copycat Hamburgers – Small and packed with an irresistible flavor, it’s no shock why White Castle hamburgers have become so famous. Our copycat recipe looks and tastes just like White Castle’s infamous burger, minus the cardboard holder.

Bennigan’s Copycat Broccoli Bites – Cheesy and loaded with flavor, you’ll be popping these in your mouth one by one.Wow your guests with only the best copycat recipes.

Cracker Barrel’s Copycat Hashbrown Casserole – There’s nothing like some good old fashioned comfort food. Cracker Barrel’s Hashbrown Casserole is just like the kind ma used to make and is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Olive Garden Copycat House Salad Dressing – The salad dressing is the most important part of a salad. Olive Garden is known for their delicious house salad and this delicious copycat recipe tastes just like the real thing.

Copycat Chili’s Salsa – Chips and salsa is essential at any family party or game day get-together. Dip in your favorite tortilla chips and enjoy this wonderful appetizer recipe.

Cracker Barrel’s Copycat Chicken & Dumplings – There are a lot of dishes we think about when we think about comfort food. Cracker Barrel’s Copycat Chicken and Dumplings is one of them, and tastes just like the kind ma used to make. Made with fresh ingredients, it will have you eating bowl after bowl.


Restaurant Copycat Sweet Recipes

Now that we’ve had dinner, it’s time to move on to the best part – dessert. When you make copycat recipes at home, there’s always room and time for dessert. You get to enjoy the sweets on your time, just like it was meant to be.



Copycat Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes – The red velvet cupcakes at Sprinkles are legendary and for good reason. If you’ve ever taken a bite of one of these sweet confections, you know just how moist and delicious they are.

Copycat Cinnabon Rolls – There is nothing better than fresh homemade cinnamon rolls in the morning. Loaded with cinnamon, brown sugar, and topped with a cream cheese frosting, they really are mouthwatering.

Wendy’s Frosty – Most fast food joints have burgers and fries, but only Wendy’s has the frosty. Make this copycat recipe either as a dessert or a dip for fries.

Copycat Krispy Kreme Doughnuts – Perfect when they are still warm, sink your teeth into these famous doughnuts. Glazed and delicious, it’s going to be hard to stop at just one.

Cheesecake Factory Copycat German Chocolate Cheesecake – Incorporate smooth chocolate decadence into your life with this delicious copycat recipe.