This Strange Braid Flips to Create a Lovely Style

When you think about braiding your hair, you probably imagine someone intricately looping their hair around on the back of their head. Maybe you’re doing a braid (or even two!) on the side of your head or a tiny one along your hairline. But one thing you probably DON’T imagine is braiding underneath your chin, of all places.

But guess what? Braiding in front of you rather behind is not only a great way to get better at braiding, but it creates a really unique looking hairstyle that you’ve probably never quite seen before.

Not only is the end result of this hair hack extremely cool looking, but it’s a quick and easy way to style your hair when you’re rushing out the door with severe bedhead. This braid can be pulled off in about two minutes, it’s super easy to do, and braiding your hair in front of you allows your fingers to work quickly and with less error.

Cute Girls Hairstyles has made an easy-to-follow tutorial on this unique type of braid, and we’re going to start by giving you the first few steps:

The Reverse Braid

  1. Start by parting your hair straight down the middle and sweeping it onto each side of your head. Pro Tip: Tuck the front of your hair behind your ears, leaving out only about an inch of hair in front of the ears.
  2. Grab the two pieces of hair you’ve left in front of your ears and break them up into three even sections.
  3. Using the three sections you’ve created, create your first braid, making sure to leave a couple fingers of space between your chin and your braid. You’ll be doing a Dutch braid for this particular style.
  4. Repeat Step 3 down to the ends of your hair.

When you get through this step, yes, the style is going to look a little goofy – kind of like you have a Viking beard! But, we promise this is only the beginning of the style. The really cool part is coming up after you’ve finished your reverse braid, but you have to check out the tutorial to see how it’s done.

Also, just in case you’re not sure what exactly the Dutch braid is that they’re using in this tutorial, here’s one of our favorite example videos from Pretty Hair is Fun.

For the rest of this awesome tutorial, and to see every step for yourself, make sure to watch the Cute Girls Hairstyles below!