When a dresser has finally bitten the dust, you may be thinking there’s nothing you can do but scrap the entire thing. A dresser has one purpose, to hold clothes. So if it can’t safely do that, what’s the point, right? Wrong! While the bulk of the dresser may be ready to go to the junkyard, you’re forgetting about a crucial element to this piece of furniture that might still be in good shape: the drawers. If your dresser drawers are still in decent shape, do NOT throw them away! There are so many fun re-purposing projects you can do with these little wonders. Here are just 13 of the insanely cool ways you can reuse your dresser drawers around the house.

  1. Mud Room Organizer

    Front Door StorageDouangphilas

    Does any part of the house get unorganized as quickly as the mudroom? We think not. The mudroom can so quickly become a disaster – with everyone coming in and out, throwing boots and coats and umbrellas everywhere. Make some quick DIY storage out of old drawers and take control of your mudroom.

  2. DIY Bookshelf

    DIY BookshelfUlchville

    For the bookworm, you can never have too much bookshelf space! Drill some drawers together (whether they match or not – not matching might make a cool effect) and marvel at your DIY bookshelf.

  3. Indoor Plant Holder

    Plant HolderAWM

    Love your plants but have nowhere to put them? If you have no garden or yard to speak of, or if you just love plants in your home, some old drawers on the wall make quick and clean-looking plant holders.

  4. Laundry Storage

    Laundry StorageAWM

    If you’re looking for somewhere to hold all your laundry equpiment (and let’s face it, there’s more than you would imagine) you’ll need some extra shelf space. Keep the laundry room neat and stylish by storing everything on a drawer-turned-shelf.

  5. Kitchen Storage

    Dish StorageWonderweib

    If you have an overflow of dishes that just won’t fit, don’t put them in storage. Make some more room! Paint some dresser drawers any colors to compliment your kitchen (we love gentle pastels) and display any extra dishes there.

  6. Jewelry Organizer

    Jewelry Drawer Org.BuzzFeed

    Struggle with tangled and knotted jewelry no more with a handle jewelry organizer! One feature that makes dresser drawers extra unique and handy is the knobs. Use those to hang your jewels off of and put something stylish inside the drawer for some extra flare. Or use that space for rings and earrings!

  7. Clothes Hanger

    Clothes HangersHometalk

    Another brilliant use for drawer knobs! Hanging the front of some drawers on the wall gives you an instant coat rack or drying area that is straight up fabulous.

  8. DIY Dollhouse

    DollhouseThe Thrifty Couple

    We LOVE this craft! And so will your kids. You can make them this dollhouse out of recycled drawers for practically no extra money.

  9. DIY Dog Bed

    Dog BedAWM

    Is your pup the king or queen of the roost? Treat them like one! Cushioning the inside of a dresser drawer is a great place for a small dog (or even cat) to lounge and sleep in style.

  10. Art Holder

    Art HolderApartment Therapy

    Looking for something to display artwork, photos, or other memories? Hang a drawer facing outward and use that as a DIY shadow box to display any art or photos that you’re proud of.

  11. Magazine Rack

    Book RackThis Old House

    This is a cool touch to revamp your home in a snap – and on the cheap. In the bathroom, kitchen, or living room, install some drawers on the wall for a book or magazine rack your guests will admire.

  12. Bathroom Storage

    ToiletreesBetter Homes and Gardens

    I will actually be doing this craft. This is the exact solution I have been looking for in my bathroom! If you don’t have a bathroom closet or you don’t have enough room for all your toiletries (like me…) make some extra storage space yourself! Put some patterned contact paper in the back of the drawer to really jazz up this DIY.

  13. Kitchen Organizer

    Kitchen Drawer

    This kitchen hack is magic. Use tension rods inside of a painted dresser drawer to hold your paper towels, plastic wrap, or anything else that needs to be organized in your kitchen space.


Have you reused dresser drawers in a unique way? Share your creations in the comments section below!