Almost everything we purchase comes in some kind of container. It could be food, baby wipes, or makeup, but rest assured, they’ve all come packaged to you in a container. Another thing that connects these random objects is that when we’re finished with them, we have a tendency to toss their external containers away. Before you waste another, stop and check out these 11 brilliant ways to repurpose those plastic containers!

  1. Mason Jar Lunchbox

    Mason Jar LunchboxLittleThings

    For a fresh new way to pack lunches, keep your empty applesauce containers. These containers screw into the top of mason jars perfectly, so they’re perfect for holding the hummus to your veggies or the dip to your chips.

  2. Cake Containers


    If you’re looking to go on a romantic or family-friendly picnic, all you need to transport your food are Dollar Store cake containers! These containers are cheap to buy in bulk and easily hold all the food for your outdoor trips.

  3. DIY Resealable Chips


    To keep your chips extra fresh, all you need is an empty container of baby wipes. Weird combination, we know, but the opening of a wipe container are actually the perfect thing to create resealable bags!

  4. Fake Miracle Whip

    whip1King of Random

    For a safe place to hide some extra cash, save your empty Miracle Whip containers. If the plastic is clear, which it very well might be since it’s empty, use off-white spray paint to make the plastic opaque. Stash some money safely inside!

  5. Cornstarch Container

    Cornstarch ContainerOne Good Thing By Jillee

    Cornstarch is perfect for giving clothes that laundromat-fresh smell, but sprinkling on that cornstarch is often a pain. The perfect solution is to put that cornstarch in a container that’s meant to sprinkle! For example, an empty Parmesan cheese container would work perfectly.

  6. Fish Bait Containers

    Fish Bait ContainersOne Good Thing By Jillee

    You might not be a fisherman (or woman) but buying tackle containers is actually handy for a number of different things. Ointment, pills, and lotion are just a few of the things you can take on-the-go in these handy little boxes.

  7. Gum and Mint Containers

    Gum ContainersOne Good Thing By Jillee

    If you’re crafty, empty gum and mint containers are your new best friend. These tiny containers are perfect for glitter, paint, and other odds and ends for every DIY.

  8. Pencil Holders

    Pencil CanOne Good Thing By Jillee

    Empty soda or iced tea cans are perfect for makeshift office supply holders, like pencil holders! Wrap the cans with craft paper for a little extra flare.

  9. Milk Jug Ice Pack

    Milk Jug Ice PackOne Good Thing By Jillee

    For a large supply of meat, for a party or barbecue, you need a larger-sized ice pack. A great DIY is to fill up an empty milk jug partially with water, freeze it, and throw it in with your meat.

  10. Mason Jar Soap

    Mason Jar SoapOne Good Thing By Jillee

    Plastic soap containers can look tacky on your bathroom sink. To freshen up your decor, fill an empty mason jar with your hand soap.

  11. Baby Wipes Bag Holder

    Container HacksOneGoodThingbyJillee

    Plastic bags have a tendency to get very messy when they’re shoved into a closet willy-nilly. The best way to keep everything organized is to stuff your bags into an empty baby wipes container, with the handles tied together and the last one sticking out. This way you can pull the bags out easily and keep the mess contained.

What do you think about these brilliant container hacks? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.