15 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Baking Pans

Are you a baking pan hoarder? If so, then don’t worry—it’s safe to say that most domestic gods and goddesses are guilty of owning WAY too many cookies sheets, pie pans, and casserole dishes!

So, if you have a couple of shelves stacked to the brim with baking tools you don’t get enough out of anymore, then it’s time to repurpose them and make them useful once again.

Here are 15 brilliant ways to makeover those extra baking pans…

  1. Cake Tin Floating Shelves

    Who said that floating shelves had to be horizontal? These circular cake tins are sure to act as unique accents in any room.

  2. Cookie Sheet Magnetic Spice Rack

    Save some precious counter space and a bit of dough (get it??) with this magnetic spice rack. Now your favorite seasoning will always be within an arm’s reach!

  3. Cake Pan Shade

    Where you see a cake pan, we see a chandelier! What a great way for home chefs to pay homage to their favorite baked treats.

  4. Bundt Cake Planter

    Once you realize how well this Bundt cake pan holds plants, you may just never go back to using those standard clay pots again.

  5. Bread Pan Bird Feeder

    Offer your high-flying buds better access to some yummy bird seed with this inventive bread pan feeder.

  6. Dessert Pan Clock

    An ordinary dessert pan can double as a bright and cheery clock. The perfect DIY gift for the pastry chef in your life.

  7. Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar

    Instead of buying a generic advent calendar at a store this upcoming holiday season, simply make your own. That way, you’ll be able to add personal touches that your little ones will love.

  8. Jewelry Organizer Muffin Tin

    Believe it or not, a repurposed muffin tin can also act as a sleek organizer for your rings, bracelets, and earrings.

  9. Cookie Sheet Magnetic Makeup Board

    Don’t waste time digging through your grimy makeup bag for your mascara in the morning. Instead, stick it to your wall with this eye-catching and ultra-hygienic magnetic cosmetics board.

  10. Baking Pan Serving Tray

    Dreaming of serving guests their coffee on a tray that perfectly matches your wallpaper? If so, look no further than this baking pan repurposing hack.

  11. Baking Sheet Chalkboard

    A baking sheet chalkboard works great for reminders, grocery lists, and even your favorite recipes. Since it’s customizable, you can style it so that it perfectly complements the look of any room.

  12. Cookie Sheet Boot Tray

    The shabby chic way to protect your floors or carpets from soaking wet rain boots and umbrellas.

  13. Disposable Cooking Tray Fish Craft

    A simple aquatic-inspired project that yields eye-popping results. This DIY fish is sure to make a splash!

  14. Pie Tin Picture Frame

    Leave those boring square frames in the dust and add some variety to your walls with this distinctive pie tin picture frame.

  15. Pie Tin Cake Stand

    Keep all upcycled materials in the baking pan family with this super simple cake stand DIY.

Talk about creativity! Be sure to click on the titles of each project for full tutorials.

Which one is your favorite? Have you completed any of these projects before? Do you have a DIY that you would like to add to the list?