15 Genius Ways to Pot Plants without Planters

If you’re looking to instantly liven up your space, adding some plants might be just the touch you’re looking for. This living, breathing decoration adds a beautiful pop of color and life to your home, brightening up any room. But if you don’t have the plant potters you need (or if you find plant potters downright boring) how are you supposed to showcase your plants? Trust us, not having planters is not the end of the world. There are so many fun options for displaying your plants, you don’t have to settle for boring. Get creative with these 15 genius ways to pot plants.

  1. Oil Cans

    Some oil cans look really beautiful all on their own. They have lovely paintings on their exterior generally, which make them a really quirky choice for a planter. Granted, this will be designated for smaller plants, but this is such a creative way to garden.

  2. Cooking Pans

    If you have bread pans that need to go, don’t throw them away! Upcycle them into cool planters. The neutral metals of bakeware is great for any space and depending on the size of your pans, you can host as many plants as you’d like.

  3. Guttering

    Need a little more space? Installing some guttering to the side of your house or shed instantly gives you maximum gardening space. Even install a few rows of them to really go plant-crazy.

  4. Shoe Planter

    Our House

    Crocs in particular make a great water-proof option for this craft! Shoes are a quick and cute way to make little hanging gardens for next to nothing.

  5. Chair Planter

    We LOVE this idea. Taking an old scrap chair, sanding it down, and painting it a vibrant color makes for a perfect DIY planter. Cut a whole in the seat depending on the size of your plant and display your flowers in the most creative way.

  6. Bucket Planters

    The roughness of these metal buckets really contrasts the soft greens of vegetables and flowers. To get this affect, you can pick up metal buckets at any Dollar Store and fill with any type of plants. You’ll love the way they look in your garden.

  7. Mug Planters

    No yard to speak of? You can still have plants in your home! Get a set of cool mugs and grow your plants and succulents in them for a great decor addition to your bookshelf or kitchen.

  8. Kitchenware Tiered Planter

    Our Fairfield Home & Garden via Huffington Post

    If you have some old kitchenware lying around, you can easily make this tiered garden planter. This has such a cool, unique affect for your garden. Even if you don’t have these kitchen staples to dispose of, you can buy them super cheap at most stores.

  9. Palette Planter

    The Micro Gardener via Good Housekeeping

    Is there anything palettes can’t do? Palettes act as a great blank canvas for you to do with what you will. We love this project because you can paint this backdrop any color you’d like and arrange your plants however you’d like! This also provides a wide surface area for you to cover as much or as little as you’d like.

  10. Tin Can Planters

    Kind of like shrunken down tin bucks, if you will. These tin cans (which you can use after you finish a can of tomato sauce or coffee grounds) are super chic looking planters. You can paint them or decorate them with twine, or you can leave them as they are and add a flare of rustic coolness to your garden.

  11. Mirrored Planter

    The Art of Doing Stuff via Lighter Side Of Real Estate

    This one takes a little extra effort, but for those of us who love to DIY, this will be a treat. This trendy planter is made of four mirror, all bought at the Dollare Store. The mirrors have been glued together to form a cheap and seriously cool looking indoor planter.

  12. Mason Jars

    Tip Junkie

    When in doubt, always go with mason jars. They go with everything and instantly elevate the look of a room or garden. They also happen to be the perfect shape and size for plants! We would especially love to see a little succulent or herb garden in these jars.

  13. Coke Cans


    This upcycle is good for the environment and adorable! When your family is finished with a pack of Coke’s, keep the cans. Then paint them and give them little chalk paint labels so they can act as a functional eco-friendly planter!

  14. Dresser Garden


    Forget one plant, you can have a whole garden with this DIY! If you have an old dresser you’re looking to toss, re-purposing it by turning the spacious drawers into garden space. Perfect for indoor or outdoor gardens. Check out other ways to upcycle your dressers here.

  15. Collander Planter

    The Micro Gardener

    This DIY planter not only looks adorable but is really easy to do – and it has an added bonus. Collanders are easy to paint and easy to hang; their handles make for the perfect place to attach chains or rope. Extra feature: because of it’s construction (holes, of course) it’s easy to let your plants drain post-watering! This way the roots won’t rot and you’ll have the plants around longer.


Have you created your own planters out of something creative? Share your ideas in the comments section below.