Spring cleaning also means it’s time to clean out your old spring wardrobe, too! If you have a stack of old t-shirts that you’ve decided need to go, we encourage you to donate any and all clothes that you no longer want – but what about that t-shirt with the hole in the armpit or the tear at the collar? You can’t donate those! Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to throw those t-shirts away. With this fun, simple craft you can turn those t-shirts into adorable pillowcases in a snap! And guess what? You don’t even have to do any sewing. Magic. Watch the video below to see how you can accomplish this simple DIY.


If you’re a novice crafter and you’re a bit worried about sewing, this is a perfect DIY for you! You’re still upcycling the fabric and making it into something cute for your home, but with no need for a needle and thread. If the t-shirt you’re transforming doesn’t match your decor or if it’s a color or pattern you know a friend would like, this is such a thoughtful, customized gift for a housewarming or birthday!

Let’s break down the steps of this DIY:

STEP 1: Place the pillow in the center of the t-shirt, where your middle section would be, and cut around the pillow. Make sure to leave a few inches of fabric on all sides.
STEP 2: Cut frayed edges around the two pieces of cut fabric.
STEP 3: Put one piece of t-shirt fabric under the pillow and one on top.
STEP 4: Knot the frayed edges of the top and bottom fabrics all the way around.

And just like that, you have a fun, clean-looking pillow case to display in your home! And you did it all yourself, you crafty person, you!

Do you use old t-shirts in a creative way? Share them in the comments section below.