Other than being used as a tool for pranking, pickle juice gets tossed out in a lot of people’s homes. Why shouldn’t it? Its look isn’t appetizing. It’s part of the food’s packaging. And the jar will just take up space.

Turns out there are a boatload of benefits to this sour concoction. Pickles are good on their own, but that briny juice is nothing short of a magical elixir. It heals, it kills, and it preserves. That’s some powerful stuff!

Jump below to learn about all the ways pickle juice is more than cucumber brine. It’s an acquired taste for sure, but one you may want to give a shot – literally and figuratively.

  1. Hangover Remedy

    A good dose of pickle juice after a night of boozing can help you curb a hangover before it really kicks in. Drink some before you hit the pillow or as soon as you wake up to stave off drinking’s aftermath. In some bars, you can even order a “pickleback” shot to follow your regular round of spirits. Be proactive!

  2. Kills Weeds

    Spray or pour the juice directly onto weeds to get rid of them. The mix of vinegar and salt is what does it.

  3. Pickle Anything

    pickled foodsSzjeno09190 via Pixabay

    It’s true. You can reuse the juice to pickle other foods. Just dump some carrots, eggs, peppers or whatever you’d like into the jar and let it brine for a few days.

  4. Deviled Eggs

    For an added punch to your deviled eggs recipe, add about a tablespoon of dill pickle juice to your mashed yolks.

  5. Upset Stomach

    A sour stomach can be tamed with the neutralizing power of pickle juice. It’s great for stomach bugs as well as morning sickness. Try it!

  6. Workout Drink

    woman working outLanaK

    If you don’t believe this one, look it up. Pro and amateur athletes swear by pickle juice as a reliable pre-and-post-workout drink. Due to its electrolyte content, you stay hydrated and what you sweat out is restored. Oh, and bottled workout pickle juice drinks are really a thing, too. Check your local grocer!

  7. Muscle Cramps

    It’s been verified by science that pickle juice stops muscle cramps in their tracks. Sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium chloride fight cramping. Because of that and its electrolytes, jars of this stuff line practice benches all over. It’s the drink of choice for sports players, and coaches cosign on it.

  8. Sunburn Soother

    To soothe your sun-cooked skin, blot it with pickle juice. The vinegar in it helps to take the sting out of the burn and calm any blistering. Hold a pickle on especially sore spots to find relief. It’s good for kids too!

  9. PMS Relief

    PMS crampsTipsTimes via Flickr

    Those cramps and cravings that we all look forward to can be wiped out with a swig or four of pickled brine. Seriously, drink at least ½ cup of this in the days leading up to and the first day of your cycle and notice the difference.

  10. Antioxidants

    Vitamin C and vitamin E are rich in pickle juice, as are other antioxidants, fighting free radicals and helping the immune system protect the body against diseases like cancer.

  11. Sore Throat

    The germ fighting benefits of salt and vinegar in the juice are an effective remedy for sore throats. If you or your kids are not keen on drinking it, you can gargle with it instead.

  12. Heartburn & Indigestion

    chest pain manIrfansevket2905 via Wikimedia Commons

    Either sip on a glass of pickle juice or munch on a crunchy dill to balance the stomach’s pH levels. Some people have ditched antacids altogether and go the way of the pickle every time. No more pain or discomfort!

  13. Clean Copper

    Scrub char off your copper cookware with pickle juice. You can soak the bottoms of your pans in a bowl of the stuff or use it for scrubbing.

  14. Weight Loss

    The vinegar in the green juice is a metabolism booster and overall it’s low in calories, making it a viable option for helping to meet weight loss goals. Just be careful that the sodium levels don’t make you retain water instead.

  15. Cocktail Addition

    MargaritaJon Sullivan via Wikimedia Commons

    While creative mixologists have come up with pickle-centric cocktails that highlight the juice, simply adding a splash of it to your martini or Bloody Mary will be your drink’s best kept secret. Bottoms up!

  16. Melt Ice

    A little known fact is that the calcium chloride in pickle brine can melt ice. Ice trucks in New Jersey and Pennsylvania use it to deice city streets in the winter. The next time your driveway and sidewalk gets slippery, reach for a jar.

  17. Marinade

    Pickle juice can be used to marinate and tenderize meats, and is a lovely accompaniment to poached fish. Use it as an overnight marinade for chicken to give it a nice flavor when you grill or fry it!


If you need to watch your sodium intake due to kidney issues, high blood pressure, or another health condition, then pickle juice might not be an option for you. Check with your doc first!

The thought of sipping on pickle juice may not sound that appealing, but taking small sips or mixing it with something like apple juice could be easier on the tongue. Others love to freeze it into popsicles! Just remember to pucker up and save it when that last pickle disappears!

Are you a pickle juice drinker? Would you try to use it for one of the reasons listed above?