Chicken is so easy for making delicious, nutritious weeknight meals. But chicken is also so easy to screw up. Chicken made poorly is one of the worst kitchen conundrums you can come across – there are few culinary messes like chicken that’s bone dry or disgustingly chewy. So how do you get chicken that’s just right? This simple pan roasted chicken recipe has all the answers you seek! Simple, healthy, and with the moist, tender results you’re looking for! Check out the video below to see how it’s done.

Not only does this video feature the perfect way to make scrumptious chicken, but it also includes a recipe for mouthwatering rosemary mustard. Add this homemade condiment for some extra-delicious chicken that your whole family will love!

Best of all, most of the prep work can be done in your everyday Ziploc bag. It doesn’t get more simple than that.


– 1 tbsp. dry mustard
– 2 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
– 1 cup beef broth
– 1/2 cup simple white wine
– Onion
– 4 cloves chopped garlic
– Chicken quarters
– 1 tbsp. butter
– Additional garlic
– 1 cup Half and Half
– 1 sprig rosemary
– 1 tbsp mustard
– Lemon juice


1. Into your Ziploc bag, add your dry mustard, Worcestershire sauce, broth, wine, garlic, and onion.
2. Add your chicken into the bag with the marinade. Seal and mix the bag around so the sauce covers all the chicken. Put in the fridge for an hour.
3. Heat up your pan with oil. Take the the chicken out of the bag and dry off by patting with paper towel before putting this in your hot oil.
4. Let the chicken brown on both sides, throwing in some butter and smashed garlic. Make sure to baste, covering the chicken with the oil, butter, and garlic mixture thoroughly.
5. Bake in the oven at 400 F. for about 12 minutes.
6. Strain your marinade, which has been simmering in the pan even when the chicken is baking, into your Half and Half that has been infused with rosemary. Whisk.
7. Add a tablespoon of grainy mustard and lemon juice to brighten up the sauce. Garnish with salt and pepper, whisk together. Put on your chicken and enjoy!