Move over Rachael Ray, there’s a new chef in town. He knows how to dice. He knows how to splice. He can julienne all the things and he makes a mean rigatoni to boot. His name is Kobe Wian and he’s just one year old!

That’s right, a one-year-old is stealing the hearts of cooks—and just cooking fans in general.

You see, Kobe has his very own Instagram page, @kobe_yn, that displays various videos of Kobe making a slew of delicious meals. And guess what? We can bet he probably has more followers than you do, with more than 1.5 million and counting.

How does a one-year-old develop such a refined skill? It happened sort of by accident. In fact, his mom, Ashley who runs the Instagram account, said she was just trying to teach him motor skills in the kitchen, and it turned into much more.

We’re really practical with him and cooking was one of those things where it wasn’t even about the food at first, but learning and fine tuning motor skills. And the kitchen is the perfect place to do that,” Ashley said. “He would have so much fun—I recorded it and it just took off from there.”

Now, she kills two birds with one stone each night, as she comes up with a dinner recipe and lets Kobe take the lead. At least, for the most part. She’s, of course, always there right behind him to lead the way and help him out—though he does a pretty good job following directions!

There’s really nothing Kobe can’t make. He’s tried cooking everything from steak and potatoes to blueberry muffins to vegetable pineapple kabobs, and the list goes on and on. And he’s just way too cute doing it all.

“Kobe definitely has an adventurous palate. He’s not afraid to try anything,” Ashley said. “We encouraged him to try different foods all the time and started when he was just 6 months [old] by trying a new food every day.”

Learn more about this little chef in the making in the video below—plus find out what celebrities can’t get enough of this mini cook.

How cute is this little tyke? Can you believe how talented he is?

Be sure to give Kobe give him a follow on his massively growing Instagram page here, where you can find recipes you can make yourself (hey, if a one-year-old can do it…).

Additionally, check out Kobe’s website, where you learn more about him and even ship some Kobe swag, including t-shirts, hoodies and stickers.