The way you start your day can really set yourself up for either success or failure.

For instance, if you start your day with your hands in your pockets, staring at the ground, and avoiding the world, you’re probably just going to be grumpy all day. But if you start your day interacting with the people you’ll be spending all day with, you might notice a change in your mood.

The thing is, we all don’t interact or say hello in the same way. Some people prefer a wave, some people prefer to shake hands, and some even like a good old bear hug. But you don’t want to give a hug to a hand-waver…so what are we to do?

One vice principal named Pat Concannon really wanted to encourage her students to greet each other each day, but didn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. So Concannon, who works at the Holy Child Primary School and Nursery Unit in Derry, Northern Ireland, set up a ‘meet and greet’ board.

The board displays several options for how students would like to be greeted that day. There are pictures representing a hug, a high five, a fist bump, shaking of hands, and a wave.

The idea is that each day, one student is designated as the “greeter,” and all of the “meeters” line up to say hello. The best part is they get to choose the greeting they’d like to use for that day. If they’re feeling a hug, they tap the “hug” photo, and the greeter will then give them a hug. Or if they just want to wave to this person, tap the wave and that’s what you’ll get!

Concannon says it’s a win-win for everyone. “It’s just a nice start to the day—they can choose how they want to greet each other, she says. “And for parents, it shows them their child is happy coming to school. They can see they’ve got friends and are mixing well.”

She says that the board even does double duty of helping students get in touch with their feelings. “If a child is feeling low or a bit sorry for themselves or are not playing with the others, they can go to the board during the day and the other children know to go to them,” she explains.

So what’s the most popular greeting? A hug of course!“ A lot of them choose to hug each other, which didn’t surprise me at all,” said Concannon. “They’ve no sense of being embarrassed—girls hug boys, boys hug boys. They’re all equal.”

One day, Concannon decided to tape the meet and greet and post it online, and it went viral, racking up more than 150,000 views on social media.

The teacher had no idea that the video would be as popular as it was. “I think it gives people a lift and makes them smile,” she said. “You can see by the way they react to each other that they’re happy.”

See for yourself how cute this is in the video below!

We think adults could benefit from this too! What do you think of this new style of greeting to start your day off right?