Target Is Selling Multicultural Wrapping Paper Because Santa Is Whatever You Want Him to Be

By mid-December chances are that if you celebrate Christmas you’ve already taken your children to see Santa at the mall or another venue that has a North Pole display and an expensive photo op.

While not every Santa looks exactly the same, there are usually some similarities. Santa always wears a red winter coat and pants with white trim. He always has a matching hat with a white pom-pom. He always has a beard – sometimes real, sometimes not. While little kids can’t seem to tell the difference, the trained adult eye certainly can.

There’s also another similarity – Santa is usually white. Even Santa craft sets that I’ve bought for my kids feature a white man’s face.

Since Santa Claus is not actually a real person but a made up person that we pretend is real for our kids (much like the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny), there is nothing to say that Santa is white. His skin could be any color.

Sure, Santa has grown out of the story of Saint Nicholas, a Greek man who gave generously to the poor, but our modern day Santa is, lets face it, a fun figment of our imagination.

Since Santa is pretend, we can pretend that he looks however we want him to look, and why not have him look like us? If you don’t have pale white skin with pink undertones, you can finally buy something with Santa’s image on it that looks more like you. This “something” is wrapping paper featuring the jolly old elf himself, but this time he doesn’t look like every other Santa.

Target is selling rolls of Christmas wrapping paper that feature images of Santa’s face. Santa’s skin is different shades of white, brown and black in the different images, making it a perfect representation that Santa is for everyone and can look however you want him to look.

If you have little kids who still believe in Santa, this could be an especially great wrapping paper to use for the gifts “Santa” puts under your tree this year. No matter what your child’s skin tone is, he or she is sure to find a similarity with one of the Santa’s on the wrapping paper.

This great wrapping paper is sold in a 2-pack. The other roll in the package is a pinkish tint with “Fa La La La La” written all over it in a pretty, scrolling font. It’s very festive and seasonal. We would probably use this paper more for gifts for grown-ups on our Christmas shopping list and use the Santa paper for children’s presents.

Have you wrapped your Christmas presents yet?