Jimmy Fallon Reads Some of the Most Hilarious Mom Texts

We all love our moms, and we love the texts we get from them. They’re sweet, they keep us connected, and sometimes, most of all, they’re pretty funny! When mamas and technology mix, good-hearted laughter is sure to follow. Take a look at some of the best ever, as featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and just see if you don’t start giggling!

Jimmy Fallon asked for submissions from his followers on Twitter, and had them submit their best, funniest text messages from their mothers using the hashtag “#momtexts.” The topic became the most popular topic on the social media site in only 20 minutes, and it’s no wonder! It seems like everybody has a delightful example of a funny, weird or adorable message they’ve received from their mom.

After all, even the act of texting can be tricky, and yield hysterical results. One user said, “I received 12 consecutive completely empty text bubbles from my mom the other day. Apparently she was trying to unlock her phone.” Poor Mom! At least she sent the accidental messages to somebody she loves, rather than somebody like a coworker! We hope her daughter helped her figure it out.

Patience is key when receiving a “Mom Text.” Just ask this submitter:

We hope he’s patient. After all, it took more than 10 minutes for him to learn how to walk, to feed himself, and to do all the other things Mom taught him!

Then sometimes it’s punctuation that’s the problem.

We don’t blame you, Mom! With all the different menus, finding the right key can be tricky. We just appreciate her dedication to making sure she’s punctuating correctly somehow.

Other times, it’s the more nontraditional uses of punctuation that trip our moms up.

At least this one has a sweet answer! Hopefully Mom was delighted when she found out that “less than three” is actually a sideways heart.

Then, of course, there’s THIS classic:

We’ve since heard from A LOT of you that you believed “LOL” meant “lots of love.” While we wish it meant that – and we’ll support you in trying to change it! – it actually dates back to the beginning of the Internet and instant messaging, and was a way of sharing laughter online. That’s right— it means “laughing out loud.” BIG difference between: “Aunt Mary died. Laughing out loud.” and “Aunt Mary died. Lots of love.” Let’s try to get this one straight once and for all!

Sometimes, though, moms embrace the often-confusing abbreviations of text speak, and even invent their own!

This one’s just adorable. We hope it catches on, if only to make this sweet mom happy.

We love you, Moms! It’s so great that technology can keep us all connected and laughing together. For even more delightful examples – and for Jimmy’s great reactions! – be sure to watch the full video below. Then tell us— what’s the funniest text message you’ve ever received or sent?