After having a baby, women arrive home and head into what’s being termed as the “4th trimester”. In addition to a river of emotions and sleepiness, that postpartum period usually involves pads of all sorts, odd bras, creams, granny panties, and special pillows.

That’s just a sampling. Adjusting to a new schedule also means adjusting to body changes. Each mom’s experience with childbirth is unique to her, and so is her body. It’s a natural process that brings changes to your weight, skin, and hair.

Celebrating the beauty in those C-section scars, stretch marks, swollen parts, and a little extra tummy fat can be therapeutic and a way to honor what it means to be a mother. The women below are sharing what that’s like through photos.

  1. Fitness Buff

    This mom of 3 (including a set of twins) still loves working out and wearing bikinis. She also doesn’t mind baring the loose skin she earned during birth.

  2. Tiger Stripes

    This mom went viral after sharing her “tiger stripes” online and wouldn’t change a thing.

  3. Love As Is

    Mom of 2 Haddas Ancliffe posed almost 11 months after birth and declared she’s not worried about her body ever bouncing back. High five!

  4. Mumbod is Slaying

    Body-positive mom Mia Redworth loves to represent for mombods everywhere.

  5. The Reality

    It was Mom’s idea to snap this pic of the reality of birth – mesh undies and all.

  6. Beach Inspo

    This mama of four wants to let you know to go for it in a two-piece on the beach.

  7. After Mommyhood

    On the left is mom before having her children, and she admits she wasn’t treating her body right. Now it’s all about the babies.

  8. Work it Out

    Blogger Ruth Lee still loves fitness, but she also loves her mini-me and the skin marks that came with birth.

  9. Running Free

    This mom couldn’t wait to hit the track after having her child.

  10. Let Them Squish

    Mom Janene Crossley’s daughters taught her how to love her post-baby bod. She encourages them to squish her mom belly.

  11. Quiet Moments

    At some point, mom may catch a few well-deserved z’s.

  12. The Source

    See how this cutie is lounging next to her old home?

  13. It Takes Months

    It can take quite a while for the post-birth tummy to go down, but it will in its own time. In the meantime, comfy underwear helps!

  14. Three is Never a Crowd

    Some moms love how their hubbys love to pet and cuddle their after-birth bellies like this dad in the hospital.

  15. Twinning

    Content with her body after having twins, this mama emphasizes that she’s very comfortable in her skin.

If your body has carried a baby or two, or three, or more, then you can relate to these lovely ladies. Many of them were apprehensive about sharing their photos but wanted to inspire others who may be scared to expose their skin.

Skin stretches and leaves marks. Surgeries leave scars. Babies suckle. Scars heal, but as these women point out, they all have their own story to go with them.

In this age of social media and body positivity, you can find common threads that reflect parts of your own life. What these moms have chosen to share is one way to express how to love your body along with loving your baby!

Do any of these pictures remind you of your own journey? Have you shared any of your postpartum photos online? Did you struggle with accepting your body after birth?