Listen. We know we’ve said it before about grilled cheese. We know we’re always going on about a new technique, fresh flavor combos, bread substitutions and construction options sure to take a grilled cheese sandwich to the next level, or at least make it a little more special. But how could we stop, when there are SO many ways to make the best sandwich even better?! We’d never forgive ourselves if you missed out on a fabulous tip, so today we’re bringing you yet another one: the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Toastie, courtesy of Jamie Oliver.

“OK,” we can hear you thinking. “You’ve called plenty of things ‘the ultimate’ before, so what makes this one so great? Is it really so special?” Friends, the answer is an absolutely resounding YES. We’ve got two words for you: Cheese Crown.

That’s right, we said “cheese crown.” Jamie’s recipe takes what everybody loves about a grilled sandwich – the cheese, of course – and simply gives us all more of it, on every single part of the dish both inside and out. The crown adds just a little bit of flair to make it a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. Bonus: it’s easier to do than you think.

This grilled cheese sandwich recipe starts as all do: gathering your ingredients! The beautiful thing here is that because this recipe is all about extra steps, not crazy extra materials, so you can use whatever you prefer. At the most basic, grab 2 slices of basic white bread – each about ⅓-inch (1 centimeter) thick – your favorite cheese to grill, like a nice cheddar or Red Leicester, and some butter or mayo.

Jamie’s first little trick? Topping the bread – which you’ve spread with your butter or mayo – with grated cheese, not slices. Granted, this tip might be one with which you’re already familiar, but it really makes a difference for getting that perfect ooey and gooey cheese center. Plus, if you’re somebody who enjoys a multitude of kinds of cheeses on your sandwiches, grating them lets you get a perfect mix of all of them.

Then all you need to do is the first – yup, that means there’s going to be a second! – of the fry-ups over low-to-medium heat. Jamie recommends setting some weight on top of the sandwich to really weigh it down and make it flat. You can use anything in your kitchen, including things like salt shakers or spice containers, and fry 3 minutes on each side before removing the sandwich momentarily from the pan.

Now here’s where things get crazy— because Jamie’s grating even more cheese straight into the frying pan. Oh yes. Once you do the same, place the sandwich back into the pan and into the “doily” of grated, grilling cheese, and fry for about a minute and a half. (Jamie adds cayenne pepper here, for a little extra kick!) Then just get your spatula in there, lift straight up, and hold— and a crown will form.

This one is the kind of thing you really need to see in action to learn and, more importantly, to crave, so watch it in action now!

What do you think of Jamie Oliver’s ultimate grilled cheese? Have you ever made a cheese crown before? Will you give this a try? Tell us what you think and let us know how it goes for you!