11 Examples of How Ingredients for the Same Foods Can Vary Depending on Where You Live

Food isn’t created equal—especially when they’re made in different countries. In fact, many times, the same exact food made in America could be made with completely different ingredients in Europe. So yes—things really do taste different depending on where you live (it’s not your imagination!).

Author and food critic Vani Hari, aka “The Food Babe,” consistently brings this to her fans’ attention, and educates others on food ingredients. Here are just a few of the same foods that may contain different ingredients depending on where you get them that she’s posted about (hint: most of the time, other countries do it better than the U.S. So beware!).

  1. M&Ms

  2. McDonald’s Fries

  3. Froot Loops

  4. Twix Bars

  5. Campbell’s Soup

  6. Cadbury Creme Eggs

  7. Sunny D

  8. Cheetos

  9. Pop Tarts

  10. Mountain Dew

  11. Quaker Oatmeal

Did you know that food ingredients differed so much country by country?