When we think of Easter, we think of kids hunting for plastic eggs filled with candy and toys. We think of decorating hard-boiled eggs. We think of Easter baskets, Easter bunnies and wearing dressy clothes to church. We don’t usually think of IKEA.

If you’re hosting Easter brunch, sure you might think of IKEA as a place to go to get some extra plates or platters or maybe some new placemats. You might even think about getting a bunch of meatballs to heat up for an easy addition to whatever else you plan to serve for brunch. That’s about as far as we’d usually go with any IKEA Easter purchases though.

While we usually wouldn’t think of buying anything appropriate for an Easter basket at IKEA, that might just change, that is if your kiddos don’t mind assembling their own chocolate bunnies.

A chocolate bunny is a classic Easter candy, but IKEA has made the tradition completely their own by creating a flat-pack chocolate bunny that you assemble yourself. Yes, just like the bookshelf or bed you bought from IKEA.

IKEA assembly instructions can sometimes be very frustrating, but we don’t think you’ll even need the directions for this chocolate bunny. There are (thankfully) only 3 pieces. Even little kids should be able to handle this building project pretty easily…that is if they take the time to assemble it before biting into one of the bunny’s ears.

The 3 ounce milk chocolate bunny is called VÅRKÄNSLA, and according to IKEA’s website, it’s selling for $4.29 in the United States. It is not available for sale online. IKEA doesn’t provide information about store availability for food products, so you would need to stop by (or call) your local store to see if it’s in stock.

IKEA asks, “How fast can you put it together?” If you have multiple kids in your house, it could be a fun activity having them race to put their bunnies together. This is definitely a unique way to play with your food.

IKEA is describing the bunny as a possible decoration, that is if you don’t eat it right away. We don’t think it would last very long as a decoration in our house.

What do you think about the idea of assembling your own Easter bunny? Do you think it would last very long as a decoration in your house, or would you possibly even eat it before assembling it?