If you have an ice cube tray in the freezer right now, you basically have a gold mine.

Did you know that you can use ice cubes for way more than just keeping your drink cold? In fact, it’s almost crazy that that’s what we’ve been using these little guys for all this time!

These little, solidified balls of water can make all the difference in everything from house to clothing and child care. Don’t believe us? Check out these awesome new and innovative ways to use ice cubes.

Ice cubes can:

  1. Make leftover rice moist

    Not all leftovers are created equal. You know when you reheat rice how dry and crumbly it can become? Well, if you add an ice cube to the dish right before you put it in the microwave, it’ll work essentially as a steamer and rehydrate your rice so it’s as good as it was the day before.

  2. Thicken your salad dressing

    If you make your own oil-based salad dressing, ice cubes serve as an awesome way to thicken it up just before drizzling it over your greens. Just place one ice cube in the salad dressing before you shake it up. The ice will work to solidify the oil, which will make the dressing thicker and more delicious. Just don’t forget to remove the ice cube before devouring!

  3. Get rid of rug dents

    The worst is wanting to redecorate and realizing your couch made some pretty unsightly dents in your rug that won’t go away. Grab an ice cube and place it right on the dent and just leave it be until it melts. Once it turns to liquid, brush up the fibers and your rug will look brand new again!

  4. Remove gum from clothing

    Your child got gum on his sweater again? You’ll never be able to get that sticky stuff off with just your bare hands. Place a few ice cubes on top of the gum and let it sit for a bit. That should make the gum harden, and then you can gently chip away at it using a butter knife or other utensil. It’s so much easier to manage this way!

  5. Ladle out fat from soup

    Making a homemade broth and need to de-fat it? Place some ice cubes into your ladle and then skim the bottom of it over the top of the soup. The fat will naturally gravitate onto your ladle, making it the easiest way to remove the fat!

  6. Help you remove a splinter

    Anyone else’s kid make it feel like the world is ending when they get a splinter? The shrieks and cries can be a little scary. For both of your sanities, grab an ice cube and rub it over the affected area. This will help numb the skin and make it much easier to remove with tweezers.

  7. De-wrinkle clothes

    Don’t have an iron handy? Throw your wrinkled shirt into the dryer along with 2-3 ice cubes and set it to the warmest setting. The cubes act as a steamer inside the dryer and will come out completely smooth and ready to wear.

Did you know ice had all these cool new uses? Which one are you going to try first?