Just signed a lease for an apartment? Bought a new house? It’s time to decorate!

Did you know that living in a space you love automatically makes you happier? It makes sense: Imagine coming home to a place you can’t stand after a long day of work? Woof. You want a home you feel happy coming home to.

But home décor can go out of style pretty fast, so it’s common to want to switch it up. And if so, you’ve probably walked up and down the aisles of Home Goods and Target and all those other stores that make your eyes twinkle— and maybe you’ve gotten lucky there, which is great. But maybe you also sometimes only end up with one $5 fake plant because you can’t commit to anything else. (Guilty.)

Plus, let’s not even mention how expensive shopping for home decorations can be. It can really add up if you’re not careful! There has to be an easier, cheaper way. And luckily, there is.

Ready for the solution? You can make wall art yourself!

Before you swear us off forever, hear us out. You seriously don’t need any artistic ability for this! As long as you can trace things and use a ruler, you’re golden.

While there are lots of different ways to go about creating your own artwork, one of our favorites is as follows:

First things first. Just trace the inside glass that came with your frame of choice onto a piece of paper. You can honestly trace anything you have that’s square or rectangular and will fit into a frame, but this is the easiest way to get something that’ll fit perfectly into the frame.

As for the paper, it might be best to use construction paper or some kind of thick paper, but printer paper will work just fine as well if that’s al you have.

Next, measure and mark every ¾ inch on each side of the piece of paper. Then place some colored tape – gold is a great color that will go with any style of home, but feel free to use whatever color you’re feeling – horizontally over the marks you just made, making sure to fold the tape under that hangs off the sides. (No need for making straight cuts; the folding will ensure everything looks neat and even.)

And boom! You’ve got yourself some striped artwork that looks fabulous in a frame. Place it on a bookshelf, in your living room, or your bathroom to add some flair to any home.

This particular design looks nautical to us, so it might be best for a beachy home. But there are lots of other DIY tutorials as easy as this one in the video below, plus more details on the striped design.

From polka dots to herringbone and more, don’t be intimidated! Check out this step-by-step video below for more ways to create your own artwork for your home.

What do you think of these easy ways to make wall art? Do you think you’ll try one of these fun designs out? Which pattern are you going to go with first?