When you’re enjoying a nice cookout outside, one of the most annoying things can involve the beverages you’re enjoying from plastic cups. Whether you’re using a red solo cup or a clear plastic cup to drink out of, and whether you’re enjoying a cold cocktail, soda or cup of ice water, the condensation on the cup and the rate at which the ice melts can be alarming.

But rather than buying special cool cups, there is an easy hack we recently discovered that’s a brilliant solution to the problem. All you need are 2 plastic cups and a paper towel.


With just these materials, you can create a mega-cup that is condensation-resistant and will prevent your ice from melting so quickly that your beverage gets too watered down. Here’s how simple it is:

Firstly, just take your paper towel and fold it in half lengthwise. Then fold it in half again.


Next, wrap the folded paper towel around one of your cups.


Then, just insert the wrapped cup into the second plastic cup so that it fits snugly.


That’s all there is to it! To test this, I filled a regular plastic cup with ice, then filled my insulated cup with ice, then placed both cups in a sunny spot on my patio. After an hour, the single cup had condensation all over it and most of the ice had become water. But the insulated cup had zero condensation and had retained more than half of the ice. I definitely took that as a win!

What do you think? Have any of you tried this hack on a hot, outdoor day?