11 Fragrant Flowers That Bloom At Night

A feast for your evening eyes, night-blooming flowers can add a touch of whimsy to your garden. Not only are they lovely to look at, but they also provide nectar to insects and other nocturnal creatures.

If you’ve never thought about planting a “moon garden”, a look at the flowers on this list may inspire you to carve out a tiny corner in your yard. When their fragrance wafts through the nighttime summer air, you’ll want to come out for a moonlight stroll.

  1. Moonflower

    These beauties open up at night and go back to “sleep” when the sun comes out. You can find them in white or pink and they can grow up to 15 feet. When planting, their seedlings do need plenty of sunlight, and since they’re annuals, they have to be replanted each year.

  2. Four O’ Clocks

    Not exactly night owls, these flowers start to bloom in late afternoon and have a scent reminiscent of lemon. Their petals come in a variety of shades including pink, white, yellow, and a purplish hue that makes them look like they’re glowing in the dark. Also annuals, these blossom in spring and summer.

  3. Evening Primrose

    Staying true to its name, the evening primrose appreciates the coolness of dusk. Their sweet smell is a cross between honey and lemons.

  4. Japanese Wisteria

    These romantic looking flower vines scream beauty and can turn your yard into a purple wonderland. And the smell? Unmistakably wisteria.

  5. Night-Blooming Cereus

    Also called Belle of the Night, the night-blooming cereus blooms only a once or twice a year and only at night. They’re so alluring people throw parties for them just to watch them bloom and catch a whiff of their intoxicating scent. On another note, they like the sun and aren’t fans of the cold.

  6. Chocolate Daisy

    Do you want to wake up to the smell of chocolate? These chocolate daisies bloom at night and smell like cocoa early in the morning. You’ll be happy to know that they return each year and are deer resistant too.

  7. Mock Orange

    A shrub that blooms small citrus-scented flowers, mock orange flowers from late spring to early summer. Luckily, their fragrance is alluring both day and night.

  8. Angel’s Trumpet

    When they sound their trumpet, the petals open to announce their sweet scent. Wait until the sun sets to really enjoy them, but be careful, because they’re toxic to humans and animals if ingested.

  9. Nottingham Catchfly

    A delicate white flower with a sticky calyx that “catches” bugs, the catchfly flowers at night and closes by morning. It’s fragrant and attracts bats and insects.

  10. Night-Blooming Jasmine

    These small flowers pack a punch, as their beautiful jasmine scent can knock you out at twenty feet away. Look for these perennials to bloom between spring and fall, and they do well in containers too!

  11. Casablanca Lily

    A favorite at weddings, Casablanca lilies are a perfumer’s dream. Each year, they pop up around mid-summer and will brighten up your night.

Do you have any night-blooming flowers in your garden? Are you familiar with the ones on this list? Which are your favorites?