Unless you’re magically able to land your dream job at the very first crack and wind up retiring there, chances are, you’re going to jump from job to job several times in your life. And each time might be met with varying emotions—from you and your colleagues.

If you’re lucky, your coworkers might throw you a farewell celebration filled with moving-on wishes. But sometimes those wishes might be a little skewed—especially if you work with a bunch of comedians who enjoy a little sarcastic!

Hence, the below collection of the most savage farewell cakes to coworkers we’ve ever seen. These colleagues didn’t hold back—they got real creative with their bakery messages, and we can’t get enough.

Here are 21 of our favorite cakes employees got on their last day of work:

  1. Wishing you all the best


  2. Feel the love

    A lot.

  3. Four simple letters

    You’re not welcome here anymore.

  4. What do batman’s parents and this coworker have in common?

    Death. The answer is death.

  5. An important question

    Clearly that’s the reason this person is moving on.

  6. Words against humanity

    This group took a creative gaming approach, filled with all the guilt possible.

  7. A Bugs Bunny goodbye

    You’re so important that we forgot your name…Doc.

  8. We have a word for people like you…

    It starts with a Q and rhymes with “Bitter.”

  9. All the memes

    A perfect cake for an IT manager.

  10. A veterinarian farewell

    Don’t worry, it was chocolate.

  11. A grumpy cat message

    He’s pretty thrilled about the departure, can you tell?

  12. We’ll meet again one day

    …in a very special place.

  13. When Felicia leaves…


  14. Best wishes…not

    This group really couldn’t handle Ben leaving them.

  15. The cake that doubles as a reference

    (But once you eat it, you’re out of luck!)

  16. Two words that say it all

    We’ll be fine…*sniff*.

  17. Seriously, congrats

    We’ll totally forgive you.

  18. Sorry not sorry

    This is on you.

  19. You’ll be missed

    …By absolutely no one.

  20. No one cares

    Well, except for this piece of toilet paper.

  21. A millennial’s doing

    So basic.

How savage are these cakes? Which one is your favorite?