Who do you want by your side when you watch a horror movie? Some might say their spouse, others might prefer a group of rowdy, laughing friends. Some people just need a trusty blanket, and there are some brave souls who can sit through a scary film completely alone. But for our money, the best scary-movie-watching companion is the family dog, and we can only hope that ours respond as delightfully and protectively as Khaleesi the English bulldog.

Watching T.V. with a dog is a funny thing, because you never quite know how they’re going to react to it. A lot of dogs will ignore it completely, while others seem to thing it’s a window to another room. My dog doesn’t care about it at all unless you pause the video on the close-up of somebody’s face, and then he goes nuts. Khaleesi, though, seems like she’s very into watching the movie the way we humans do— until it looks like a little kid is in danger.

When the movie starts, Khaleesi’s pretty into it.

Dog watching scary horror movie intentlyKhaleesi12 in Rumble

Occasionally, she checks to make sure her human’s still paying attention. Her face clearly says, “Are you seeing this?!”

Then things on the screen start to get a little more intense. When the camera cuts to a little girl’s scared face, Khaleesi might not entirely understand what’s happening, but she does know what she has to do:

Dog starts barking at movie monster to save girlKhaleesi12 in Rumble

Spring into action and try to protect the little girl! Khaleesi goes crazy, barking until the scene ends and it seems like the danger has passed.

Dog barking protectively at movie ghostKhaleesi12 in Rumble

We love how even though this pup doesn’t know this girl, she’s still immediately in to try to protect her. We could all use a companion like this one, because whether it’s a horror movie or our nightmares, she’ll always be on our side. Watch the full video from Rumble’s Khaleesi12, and tell us how you think you dog would react to a movie moment like this one.