After seeing a ton of these adorable yarn Easter eggs on Pinterest, YouTube user HeyKayli finally figured out how to do this craft on her own. It turned out that all that was required was some yarn, some liquid starch, and balloons. It’s fascinating to watch how this DIY works, and the results, no matter what sized eggs you’re looking to make, are extremely impressive.

The best part of this DIY is how simple it is to make! For the impressive end result, you wouldn’t imagine that you only need three basic supplies to do the entire project. But it’s true! Here’s everything you need to get started on your Easter eggs:

Thread Easter Eggs


  • Thread
  • Liquid Starch
  • Balloons

Although Kayli had been admiring “yarn eggs” online, in her experience, yarn did not work for this DIY. She found the consistency of yarn to be too thick and heavy, so she suggests using something lighter; embroidery or crocheting thread would be perfect.

Your balloons are going to be what determines the size of your egg, so you might want to get full-sized balloons for larger eggs and little water balloons for smaller eggs. If you can only get your hands on one size of balloon, that’s okay! You can blow it up to the size you want for each egg.

Kayli also shows us the different kinds of eggs you can make with this easy tutorial. There are thinner eggs which used less thread and have more of a see-through, delicate look. Using more thread will create a thicker, fuller egg. And finally, Kayli used a couple different shades of blue to create a design on one egg, an effect which came out looking incredibly cool! Feel free to experiment with yours until you find the style you like, or mix and match a few different styles for some variety.

You may have seen in other projects like this, some people decided to try a liquid starch and flour mixture to dip the string in. In her experience, Kayli suggests JUST using the liquid starch, as she found the flour mixture left some crusty residue behind. Again, feel free to experiment until you find what works best for you.

For the full instructions on her DIY thread Easter eggs, make sure to watch the full video below! This is such a fun craft you can do alone or with the kids, and it’s the perfect inexpensive decoration to make your home pop for Easter.

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