Father’s Day is coming up faster than you think. Instead of ties and dress pants for the fifth year in a row, why not try giving dad a gift that will really give him all of the feels – a handmade, vintage photo plaque! Ideally with of a picture of his loving family, of course. This plaque comes out looking so cool, with a rustic vibe dad will be so excited to display in his office, and it’s a heartfelt way to let him know that his family cares about him this Father’s Day. Watch the video below to see how you or the kids can make this DIY gift for dad this year.

Don’t moan and groan about how hard it is to shop for dad this year (honestly though, why are dad’s so hard to shop for?) – go the DIY route! This photo transfer is simple, inexpensive, and a sentimental gift that dad is going to adore.

To get started you’ll need a few materials:

– A picture dad will love
– Sealer
– Clear tape
– School glue
– Matte mod podge
– Printable labels
– Sandpaper
– Foam tipped paint brush
– Used gift card
– Craft knife
– Pre-cut wooden plaque

STEP 1: Remove the labels from a sheet of printable labels – we want the waxy paper underneath.
STEP 2: Put some clear tape along the tearable lines of your waxy paper.
STEP 3: Give the paper a coat of sealer. Let dry for 10 minutes.
STEP 4: Give the paper a total coat of school glue with the foam brush – it should be a thin layer, not too thick. Let dry a half an hour.
STEP 5: While the glue dries, go onto a photo editing site/app and edit your image if you’d like to give it a slightly different look.
STEP 6: Give the wooden plaque a rub of sandpaper so it’s totally smooth. Dust off excess dust when done.
STEP 7: Using your foam paint brush, give the wooden surface a layer of mod podge. Apply quickly and evenly because you’ll want to quickly press on your image before it dries.
STEP 8: Use your old gift card or credit card to smooth down the image completely onto the wood. Let sit overnight or for a couple hours.
STEP 9: When dry, peel the paper away to reveal the image! Flip over the wood plaque and use a craft knife to cut away excess pieces of glue.

If you want to turn this wooden plaque into a coaster, you’ll just have to give it a coat of waterproof sealer once the image is on the wood. Perfect for a dad who takes great pride in his at-home bar.

We even get a second cool gift-giving option of using a round piece of wood and attaching a leather strap over the top with brass thumbtacks in the sides. This makes for a rustic hanging picture dad will love!

What do you think of this Father’s Day DIY? Will you be DIYing for dad this year? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.