Having an tablet can be so helpful, especially in the kitchen…until you can’t see the screen at all. Say you’re trying to cook a meal following a recipe on your tablet. But if the tablet is flat down on the counter, between the glare and the angle, you might not be able to see anything. And that’s not very helpful, is it? A quick, easy fix is to make yourself a tablet stand! Don’t bother going out to buy one when all you need is one simple tool: adhesive hooks. With three hooks and your tablet ready to go, watch the video below to see how you can make the DIY tablet stand that will make your life so much easier.

Like we said, all you need are three adhesive hooks. Could it get any easier?

Follow these simple steps to make your own tablet holder:

STEP 1: Clean the surface you’re hanging the hooks on with soap and water. Dry surface off.
STEP 2: Stick your first hook to the wall.
STEP 3: Use the tablet to figure out where the second hook should go and stick that hook on.
STEP 4: Stick on the third hook up top, so you create a bracket.

You can easily slide your tablet in and out of the brackets you’ve created! Because you used your personal tablet to do the measuring, the holder is perfectly sized for your tablet. This means there won’t be excess room or any risk of your tablet falling out of place.

Now you can cook using your tablet in a way that’s truly convenient and hands-free!

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