Are you looking for a bright idea to jazz up your nighttime event, wedding, or even just your patio? If you’re planning a party, especially a wedding, you’re probably going to have a strict budget that you have to adhere to, so buying expensive lanterns or string light may be out of the question. To get beautiful lighting for a fraction of the cost, try making your lanterns right at home! Do It On a Dime shows us how we can use only three Dollar Store products to create these lovely, powerful lanterns that add a great touch to your nighttime decor. Watch the video below to see how you can make these solar-powered lanterns yourself.

If you’re wondering how a solar lantern is going to work at night, you’re not alone. (I may or may not have Googled the answer myself.) Most solar power lanterns, like the Dollar Store ones used in this project, absorb sunlight during the day. The sunlight charges their batteries and allows them to give off a natural, radiant light that has been completely powered by the sun.

So, if you didn’t know, now you know!

The great thing about this project is that it works well for all occasions. You can easily use these lanterns for a formal event or just as some casual backyard decor.

A lot of this comes from the customization aspect of this DIY. For instance, you can use any color stones you would like to match your existing decor and you can add any other decorations you would like to your jar – flowers, fruits, or even cut-out shapes would be lovely, depending on your theme and color palette.

To get started, you only need three simple Dollar Store items:



Step 1: Remove the base of your lantern and activate the lantern per the instructions.

Remove the base of your lantern to make your own mason jar lanternDoItOnADime

Step 2: Fit the remaining part of the lantern into the rim of the mason jar lid.

Add the light part of your lantern to the rim of your mason jar lidDoItOnADime

Step 3: Fill your jar with your stones or any other decorations you’d like before screwing the lid back on.

For solar lantern, add glass stones and extra decorationsDoItOnADime

With three easy materials and three easy steps, you’ll have beautiful DIY lanterns that will really make your space pop. If you think about it, it only cost you about $3 per jar and about a minute of your time to make – totally worth that gorgeous end result in your yard or venue.

When buying your mason jar, try to go for a size that’s about the same size as your mason jar lid. As you’re fitting your lantern into your mason jar lid, you may have to do some finagling to get it to fit just right. Even if it doesn’t fit perfectly, the rim just has to be able to screw back onto the jar. And, if you really want it to fit perfectly, you can always go back to the store and buy a few more $1 mason jars.

What do you think of this solar-powered DIY? Will you be making these for your backyard? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.