Do you ever marvel at catalogs from Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel and dream that your home could look like the pictures you see? We know we do. But unfortunately, decorating solely with the pricey stores’ furniture and decor would make anyone go broke–us included!

Luckily, there are ways to hack your way to a chicly-decorated home using inexpensive items. In today’s video, Do It On A Dime shows us how to recreate a beautiful $300 Pottery Barn-inspired mirror for just $12 using items she bought at the Dollar Store.

Now, if you’ve ever binge-watched DIY videos on YouTube, chances are you’ve come across the illustrious Do It On A Dime channel. It’s hosted by Kathryn, an arts and crafts expert who shows us that having a chic home doesn’t require having a stockpile of cash. In fact, it usually just requires a trip to the Dollar Store–and maybe a hot glue gun!

In her video entitled “Dollar Store Decor | Pottery Barn Dupes,” Kathryn take us through an informative tour, showing just how easy it is to replicate the embellishments made by the biggest names in furniture.

She kicks off the video by making her version of the Eagan Multipanel Mirror, a piece of decor that can be found at the Pottery Barn for a whopping $299. $299 is a pretty steep price for a small, 27″ x 33″ mirror, if you ask us! Luckily, Kathryn is able to recreate the chic look by using ONLY materials found at her local Dollar Store. And–get this–her version costs roughly 12 bucks. A new mirror for the price of lunch? Yes, please!

Do It On A Dime pulls off this thrifty project by–surprise, surprise!–visiting the Dollar Store. There, Kathryn picks up nine separate mirrored frames, a roll of heavy-duty duct tape, a foam board, and a little bit of super glue.

Once she has all of her trusty items together. She lays the nine mirrors, fronts facing down, with all edges touching. Next, she secures all of the frames together with plenty of pieces of duct tape and some strategic squirts of super glue in between all weak areas. Then, she simply attaches the foam board to the back using glue and allows it to dry overnight. Easy-peasy!

Now, Do It On A Dime doesn’t stop at the DIY Eagan Mirror–she goes on to reveal her Dollar Store DIYs for making decorative plates, candles, and even a shabby-chic twine bowl.

Do we have your attention yet?

To see the creative Kathryn turn Dollar Store decor into incredible Pottery Barn dupes, be sure to watch Do It On A Dime’s video below. With just a little cash and some rudimentary DIY knowledge you too can upgrade your interior space. Score!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these creative, DIY Pottery Barn dupes! Are you a fan of these projects? Have you ever attempted similar ones before? Do you have any additional Dollar Store design hacks that you would like to share?