Just like real spring flowers bloom out of the waste of winter, these Toilet Paper Tube Flowers from Craftideas.info turn your trash into treasure! This easy paper craft is a fun activity sure to brighten up your home and bring smiles to everybody who gets to make and to see them. Grab some glue, paint, buttons and skewers, save some tubes from the garbage, and get to crafting. Soon you’ll have an indoor spring garden that’ll last into summer and beyond.

Grab Your “Seeds”:

– Empty toilet paper tube (about one tube per flower)
– Ruler
– Scissors
– 2 yellow buttons, per flower
– Hot glue gun
– Wooden skewer
– Paint brush
– Green and white acrylic paint

Toilet Paper Tube Flowers 2Craftideas.info

And Grow Your Flowers:

  1. Press the toilet paper tube flat. Do your best not to rip it. The petal shape comes from the slightly flattened circle of the tube.
  2. Cut the tube horizontally into segments that are about 3/5 inch (or exactly 1.5 centimeters) wide. Each flower needs 7 pieces.
  3. Paint five pieces completely white and the other two completely green.
  4. Paint the wooden skewer green.
  5. Let everything dry completely.
  6. Begin your flower by gluing two of the white pieces and the green skewer together. Make sure you press the skewer in between the tips of the two “petals.”
  7. Glue the remaining 3 white pieces onto the first two, creating a flower shape.
  8. Turn the green pieces into leaves by gluing them to the sides of the skewer “stem.”
  9. Glue a button into the center of the flower on each side.

Ta da— adorable and easy flowers that won’t die! Craftideas.info recommends sticking them into small glasses filled with sand. Can’t you also see them sticking up out of an Easter basket surrounded by dyed eggs? You can also uses paper towel tubes for this project, and go crazy with whatever spring colors are your favorite. Do you think you’ll try this craft?