Any parent knows that it is nearly impossible to keep a mess free home. Children create so many messes on a daily basis. They leave their toys littered around the house. This includes LEGOs, which are very painful to step on. It’s not uncommon to find crumbs and spills in the dining room, the kitchen, even bedrooms. Many parents tell stories of clogged toilets due to their children attempting to flush too much toilet paper and sometimes even their own toys.

The list of examples of messes kids make is literally endless. As parents, we learn to deal with it, but we hope that one day our kids will actually help clean the house instead of leaving a trail of debris everywhere they go.

A dad named Chris Cluff decided to make a video where he pretended to trash his son’s “first house.” His son is still a child, so in the video, the dad is actually trashing his own house. The video is hilarious and very accurately shows some of the messy things children do.

Watch the video below to see this dad trash his “son’s first house” for yourself.

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Many TikTok users jumped in the comments to applaud the dad for this spot on video and to add their own examples of messes kids make that this dad forgot to include in the video.

One comment reads, “Hiding the charger tho is so accurate.”

Another TikTok user wrote, “You forgot to scatter Legos in hazardous places.”

While the video is hilarious, this is the dad’s house, and someone had to clean up the mess. One TikTok user asked, “but…who cleaned all this up?” Cluff responded, “I did.”

Another TikTok user sympathized with Cluff writing, “the fact u had to clean up after this pains me.”

Other TikTok users explained that they did something similar when they visited their children’s first home. One comment reads, “My daughter’s 1st apt I put my drink down w/out a coaster and threw my leg over the arm of the chair. She laughed til she cried.”

Another person wrote, “I’m visiting my son tomorrow. I may skip licking the window.”

Were your children messy when they were young? Can you relate to this video? What other messy things do you think Cluff should have done in the video?