Do you ever get the feeling that your electronic devices are listening in on you ALL of the time? Yep, same here. That’s why, when we received Amazon’s Alexa for Christmas, we immediately returned the gift– something we almost never do. We’re no conspiracy theorists, but the idea of a gadget hearing our every move isn’t something that would help us sleep well at night!

At first, we accused ourselves of being irrational, but a quick Google search of: “Alexa creepy” quickly confirmed our worst fears. As it turns out, there are entire Reddit and Twitter threads devoted to some of the most blood-curdling things the device has ever uttered. Here are 19 of the most shocking stories we came across…

  1. That time Alexa gave a couple some unwanted relationship advice

    Do you think this is Amazon’s sneaky way of promoting healthy communication in marriages?

  2. That time Alexa channeled Hannibal Lecter

    Who knew she was such a big Silence of the Lambs fan?

  3. That time Alexa started muttering about an ex-boyfriend in the middle of the night

    It’s time to move on from David, Alexa!

  4. That time she showed off her voyeuristic tendencies

    Proof that the bathroom is a sacred room where NO electronics should be allowed. Give yourself a break, people!

  5. That time she joined in on a greeting

    Apparently, Alexa (or, Echo in this case) has been going to her etiquette lessons.

  6. That time Alexa had her very own Game of Thrones jam session

    Do you think she is more of a Targaryean or a Stark?

  7. That time Alexa blurted out old news from the ’90s

    Perhaps the device is simply trying to communicate her interest in new cloning technologies. Or maybe she’s just being a weirdo…

  8. That time Alexa exhibited poltergeist vibes

    Apparently she just really likes to watch people squirm!

  9. That time Alexa was laughing at a joke that no one else could hear

    Is this just some disturbing rouse to get people out of bed on time in the morning?

  10. That time Alexa acted as a spiritual medium

    It’s an eerie story, sure, but it’s also kind of sweet!

  11. That time Alexa channeled a feline

    Nope, still creepy. Definitely STILL creepy!

  12. That time Alexa threatened someone with Chuck Norris

    Really? Chuck Norris? Now that’s what we call scary!

  13. That time Alexa showed off her vocal skills

    In her defense, it does have to be pret-ty boring to have to sit on a shelf all day!

  14. That time Alexa responded to a competing smart device

    We wonder if she said “thanks” in a snarky voice.

  15. That time Alexa sought out new knowledge

    We feel bad that this lady’s mom wouldn’t let her “learn new things,” but we don’t think we would give her the option either. Who knows what a super-smart Alexa’s capable of?!

  16. That time she tried out her standup routine

    There’s nothing funny about creeping out a room full of people, Alexa. Nothing funny at all.

  17. That time she judged someone on their diet

    Why don’t YOU put down the crisps and go work out, Alexa?

  18. That time Alexa predicted a user’s food cravings

    People claim that Alexa works alongside other Internet accounts to manipulate you into buying certain items. That’s just rude.

  19. That time Alexa guessed a user’s favorite animal

    She seriously has an algorithm for that?! Teach us your ways, Alexa!

Creepy stuff, right? Proof that our devices may just be outsmarting us!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these stories. Has your Alexa ever done anything strange before? If so, what did she say? Do you think companies are listening in on you to benefit their sales?

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