Do you or your kids live in baseball hats? We can see why. Baseball caps are an easy and fashionable way to stay clear of the glaring sun on hot summer days – perfect for viewing the game or playing in it! But after a day of dirt and sweat in a baseball cap, how do you clean this tricky piece of clothing? You may have been stumped on this in the past, but there is a simple trick that can get your hat sparkling clean in no time at all. Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

You might not think that baseball hats HAVE to be cleaned – I mean, they don’t look like regular clothes, do they? But trust us, grime and dirt are crawling all over that cap, just like any other clothing item you’d throw in the wash.

So then…why not throw the cap in the wash? Well, throwing a baseball hat in with a regular load CAN work, but depending on how expensive or delicate the hat is, you might not want to risk it being ruined in the washer and dryer.

This hack assures that your hat will get clean AND stay in good condition. All you’ll need? Your dishwasher and a classic household cleaning supply!

– Borax
– Dishwasher
– Tall objects

STEP 1: Fill the top shelf of your dishwasher with your baseball hats.
STEP 2: Fill your detergent cup with Borax. Run a regular dish cycle.
STEP 3: Once cleaned, remove your damp hats and put them over anything tall – like tall glassware. Make sure to shape them so they dry looking natural.
STEP 4: Leave them to dry for an hour or two.

Just like that, you’ll have clean, fresh-smelling baseball caps that you can use for your next run! How simple was that?

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