The Internet has been an integral part of our lives for well over a quarter of a century– and it has brought with it some pretty amazing things, some pretty scary things, and some pretty trivial things. While we, like everyone else, have a love-hate relationship with the technology, we’re not too proud to admit that we can’t get enough of the trivial stuff, like adorable dogs, bouncing babes, and all of that Royal Wedding breaking news!

One of the most entertaining trivial guilty pleasures we’ve recently come across is the trending hashtag on Instagram–#chickenshaming. It’s literally just thousands of user-submitted photos of chicken parents publicly shaming their naughty fowl.

What’s that you say? Why, yes. We DO have too much time on our hands, thankyouverymuch!

Because we think you should experience the joy that comes with looking at these photos– without losing too much time by falling into an Instagram “rabbit hole,” we curated a list of some of the funniest and guiltiest chickens we could find. You can thank us later…

  1. The poultry party-shamer

    Some people get guilted by parents for staying out late– this person gets guilted by their chicken…

  2. The amphibian-cruncher

    It’s bad enough that this chicken felt the need to a eat an innocent frog, but the fact that said frog was a kid’s pet just makes this bird particularly terrible.

  3. The attention-seeking chick

    We’ve never heard a chicken “yell” before– and we never want to, either!

  4. The underachiever

    Ok, this one is a little uncalled for. Just because you buy a hen doesn’t mean she will lay as many eggs as you desire. Talk about pressure!

  5. The lazy pecker

    This chicken follows the same schedule that we did in college. Nest away and enjoy it before you have to adhere to the standards of the “real world,” chicken!

  6. The psycho chicken

    There’s something seriously cold in that chicken’s eyes. Get rid of it before it starts plotting your death!

  7. The tree-climber

    Not going to lie–this is pretty impressive. And we thought chickens couldn’t “fly!”

  8. The overeater

    We’ve never related with a bird so much before! Just don’t get too plump or your owners might get some scary ideas…

  9. The egg-stealer

    Watch your credit cards around this hen. If she’s deadset on stealing eggs, then there’s no telling what she’d do with your AMEX card!

  10. The jewelry thief

    I don’t know how this chicken got its “wings” on a pair of earrings, but we blame its owner for this one…

  11. The cat-scarer

    Well, cats are known to be quite ornery from time to time. Perhaps this chicken was finally getting retaliation?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this #chickenshaming trend! Which photo is your favorite? Do you have a chicken that constantly disappoints you? If so, do you plan on publicly shaming it via social media?