19 of the Most Accurate Cat Jokes That Vet Clinics Have Put Up On Their Signs

There are two types of people in this world: There are dog lovers and there are cat lovers. And if you’re a cat lover, well, then, you’re wrong.

Just kidding! But you’ve probably heard that a lot, huh: How could you love a cat over a dog? It’s just that dogs are associated with being friendly, outgoing creatures whereas cats usually have more attitude and are more introverted—at least stereotypically.

It turns out that even veterinarians have strong opinions on cats. So much so that many have hung signs up on their clinics about cats—hilarious ones that will make any dog lover (and cat lovers too) laugh out loud. Here are 19 of our favorites.

  1. The door scratching is significant

    Doesn’t it seem like they ALWAYS have to get through one door to the other?

  2. They’ve really only got two purposes in life

    Sleeping and making the internet laugh.

  3. Cats are demanding

    No one else is allowed to be quite as so.

  4. Bathing a cat is near impossible

    Or a death wish.

  5. Cats don’t text back

    Not because they don’t have thumbs, because they’re rude.

  6. They are basically Gods from a former life

    They’re just doing what they were used to.

  7. Don’t leave anything on a flat surface

    It’ll end up on the floor in no time.

  8. They can be secretly inappropriate

    Paw real.

  9. Food and decor is important when it comes to cats

    Because they’re just going to throw up on it.

  10. Cats lend themselves to a lot of puns


  11. Like a lot of puns.

    Right meow.

  12. And jokes

    What a line.

  13. Do they do anything other than sleep?


  14. Cats’ owners are just staff

    Clearly there’s no emotional attachment whatsoever!

  15. They love to chat about the food they eat

    Not a soul in the world will listen to your catnip rant besides your cat.

  16. Except they may be scientifically unable to listen to you

    At least that’s what they WANT you to think…

  17. The more saliva the cleaner

    They’re totally judging you for not doing the same.

  18. They always want to escape

    And rarely will allow themselves to placed somewhere other than a throne.

  19. Even a cat in disguise is rude

    But we love them just the same.

So tell us: Are you a cat or a dog lover? Do you agree with most of these hilarious cat signs? What’s the funniest thing your cat has ever done?