Ordering a custom cake can be tricky business. First, you have to think about the flavor–are you sure that your sister is a chocoholic and not a vanilla-lover? Next, it’s time to decide the colors, a selection that is actually much harder than it looks (believe us, green cake sounds good, but never looks appetizing in person!). Then, finally, you have to come up with a message to be piped onto the surface of the celebratory dessert.

Sometimes it’s a straightforward task, especially when the occasion is a birthday or anniversary, but it can be a confounding exercise for other events!

Once you have finally called in that order to your local bakery, comes the next nugget of anxiety–what if the cake decorator gets the message wrong?! If you’re rolling your eyes, we’re willing to bet that it has never happened to you, but if a customized cake faux-pas has indeed occurred in your life, you’re definitely experiencing a PTSD-induced cold sweat right about now!

But, even if you have had the misfortune of receiving a total “cake fail,” chances are you have finally gotten to the point where you can laugh about it now. And, if you haven’t, it’s high time that you laugh at other people’s misfortunes! Here are 13 cake message fails guaranteed to make you belly laugh…

  1. The double cake disaster

    Now, that cake decorator created a lot of unnecessary work for themsleves with that flub!

  2. The technologically-inept decorator

    Apparently, the customer gave the bakery a flash drive containing a picture that was to be added to the cake. Looks like the cake decorator didn’t get the memo…

  3. The awkward proposal cake

    The idea of receiving a proposal cake sounds lovely (and delicious!), but this message is just plain confusing!

  4. The color mishap

    We seriously hope this was the first day on the job for this cake decorator…

  5. The very literal translation

    Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like this off-putting message.

  6. The one-eyed recipient

    Did the cake decorator think that this was a nickname? And, if so, what kind of nickname is “Sheri with an eye??”

  7. The sign of the beast

    Now, that’s an awkward send-off!

  8. The princess cake disaster

    There are a lot of things wrong with this picture. Hopefully, the kid who is receiving it can’t read yet!

  9. The punctuation problem

    Yet another example of a cake decorator making unnecessary work for themselves!

  10. The very odd wedding cake

    This definitely is a fail, but who in their right mind would get the phrase “wedding cake” written ON a wedding cake??

  11. The Groundhogs Day Sweet

    Forget the spelling mishap–who loves Groundhogs Day so much that they order a cake to celebrate it? Though, on the other hand, any day is a good day for cake!

  12. The no-fireworks cake

    Something tells us this cake decorator would rather make a flub than attempt to pipe on a set of ill-shaped fireworks…

  13. The case of the missing sprinkles

    The saddest part? There are NO sprinkles on this cake!

We can’t wait to hear your take on these atrocious cake fails! Have you ever experienced this before? If so, what happened? Do you have any tips for decorating cakes at home?