Study Finds That People Born In January and February Are More Likely To Become Rich And Famous

Did you know there could be a direct correlation between the month you were born in and how successful you end up being?

If your birthday is in January and February, you’ve probably spent lots of birthdays with a winter jacket over your birthday outfit (especially if you live somewhere cold), but there’s actually something pretty special about these birthday months.

One recent study published in the Journal of Sciences proved that there’s a major benefit to have been born in January or February. The research showed that these people were more likely to grow up to become successful compared to those born in other months.

The study followed 100 celebrities with vastly different backgrounds, including politicians, natural scientists, social scientists, authors, social workers, humanitarian workers, business personnel, sports icons, singers, actors, actresses, etc. They were picked at random.

It turns out that the most rich and famous of all were born in—you guessed it—either January or February!

Need some examples? Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah, Bob Marley, Jennifer Aniston, Harry Styles—all born in the first two months of the year.

If you want to get even more specific, those who were born between January 20 and February 18 were at an even greater chance of making it big.

Still not convinced? There are actually a few other past studies that have come out with a similar finding.

Take this 2011 study conducted by the Office of National Statistics in the UK, which found that babies born at the beginning of the year happened to find themselves in high-level careers later in life, like doctors.

Additionally, this study of S&P companies completed between 1992 to 2009, suggests that January babies might even have a leg up on February babies, with 10 percent of CEOs being born in January.

It also turns out that people born in January are less likely to contract certain illnesses such as cardiovascular, reproductive, respiratory or neurological diseases, according to the Columbia University Department of Medicine. Dang, January babies!

Don’t worry, if you were born in any of the other 10 months of the year, this doesn’t mean you’re any less qualified to be successful in life.

One expert says the results of these studies could likely have a lot to do with environmental factors that change based on the time of the year that the mother is pregnant. Things like how much sunlight the mother gets, for example, might affect this, not necessarily the exact month the child is born.

“There are small effects but they are very, very clear. I am not giving voice to astrology—it’s nonsense—but we are not immune to seasonal interference,” said Oxford University neuroscientist Russell in 2011.

Another explanation could have to do with the kindergarten enrollment cut-off dates, which puts those born anywhere from September through January ahead, and perhaps at an advantage over those born in other months.

Whatever the case, we can probably all agree the findings are pretty interesting!

What do you think—do you think the month your born in could determine your success rate? Do you know any rich and famous people who were born in January or February?