Couple Has Wedding Photoshoot at the Zoo, But Everyone is Really Looking at the Bear in the Pictures

Planning a wedding is a big deal. There are so many decisions to make: the dress, the cake, the song for the father/daughter dance. While all of these decisions (and so many more) are vitally important and stressful for the engaged couple (especially the bride), not all of these decisions are vitally important to the guests.

One big decision the couple has to make is picking the venue. Some couples choose to be traditional and get married in a church. Some couples choose destination weddings. Some couples choose something a little more unusual.

Allison and Tabor chose to get married at the Minnesota Zoo. While there are mixed feelings today about the concept of zoos and the welfare of the animals, this couple chose this particular zoo in part because it is state owned and they feel that it treats its animals well. The groom says, “If I’m not mistaken, they also perform many functions critical to wildlife rehabilitation and preserving species approaching extinction.”

The Minnesota Zoo offers rental of the zoo for a wide range of events including weddings, so while Allison and Tabor are not the only couple to choose this animal centric venue, we highly doubt that any other wedding at this location had such unique wedding photos.

That brings us back to the long list of important decisions a couple has to make when planning a wedding. Choosing a photographer is no easy task. After all, these pictures are going to hang on the walls of the happy couple’s home forever, serving as a reminder of one of the happiest days of their lives.

So, when Allison and Tabor got their wedding photos back and saw that there was a very obvious photobomber in them, you might think that they would be upset. That’s hardly the case. Instead, the photos taken by Chris and Kristy Photography are going viral.

The grizzly bear photobomber and his spot on expression completely transforms these wedding photos from ordinary to one in a million.

The bear truly seems fascinated by the ceremony happening in front of him while no other animals even seem phased by the event.

The groom says that these photos were completely the photographer’s idea. “They said it was very fortunate to get a picture with one of the local denizens; the animals typically go in for mealtime when we’re allowed to wander prior to the ceremony. This Russian grizzly bear was the only one kind enough give us his ‘blessings’.”

Did you have any unusual wedding photos on your big day? Would you get married at a zoo?