Shopping Cart Bag System Makes Grocery Shopping a More Organized Affair

We all grocery shop; it’s one of those necessary adult things we have to do to survive. (Unless you eat out a restaurant all day every day, and in that case— how do you have money?!)

Anyway, grocery shopping is far from fun. It’s not the walking up and down the aisles that’s the worst part, but the bagging and bringing the groceries in the house. It’s really just such a pain in the you-know-what! Luckily, there’s the Lotus Trolley Bag to the rescue.

The Lotus Trolley Bag is far from your regular shopping bag. In fact, this eco-friendly product essentially turns your shopping cart into your very own personal assistant, saving you steps, time, and energy! It’s totally going to transform the way you shop for groceries.

Your Lotus Trolley Bag comes with four reusable bags that you can keep Velcro-ed to your cart while you shop. Once all your groceries are on the belt ready for the cashier to scan, simply take your bags and spread them out into the cart—they open in one easy motion.

Now your bags are open, and ready to be packed with both hands! There’s even a cooler bag to store all your cold items. Plus, all the different compartments make it easy to organize your groceries as they get packed up, so unpacking them is just as easy.

Not only does the Lotus Trolley Bag make bagging and organizing easier, it also makes loading your groceries into the trunk, as well as unloading them into your home, more efficient and easy, too! Once you’ve unpacked everything, you can simply reattach the bags to each other along the Velcro strips and roll it up to store neatly in your home. It’ll be all set for your next shopping trip!

One of the biggest things about this awesome innovative bagging system is that it’s environmentally friendly, unlike your standard grocery store shopping bag. The Lotus Trolley made it their personal goal to help lessen the amount of plastic bags that the average family uses each year—which is a whopping 1,500! In addition, over one billion bags are used in the U.S. every year. What a waste—literally!

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For a step-by-step guide and visuals on how to use your Lotus Trolley Bag, check out the video below!

What do you think—will you be picking up one of these handy shopping assistants today? We know we will be!