How This Couple’s Altruistic Babysitter Saved Their Daughter’s Life

If you play parent to a little one, you know all too well how difficult it can be to find the perfect babysitter. Sure, most sitters come equipped with CPR training, glowing recommendations, and tons of experience, but if they don’t ‘click’ with your family, then what’s listed on their resume quickly becomes meaningless.

Just the same, happening upon the ‘holy grail sitter’, the one with the perfect references AND an understanding of what your whole fam needs, can be a truly life-changing experience; just ask the Rosko’s. When these lucky Jerseyites hired their nanny, they didn’t just find a great caregiver, they ended up with a gal who helped save their baby’s life.

You see, soon after Talia Rosko was born, her parents were dealt a devastating blow; the little girl was diagnosed with a rare disease called Biliary atresia, a condition that affects bile production and can ultimately lead to liver failure.

With a devastating 2-year life expectancy, things were looking bleak for the infant—until her parents hired nanny, Kiersten Miles.

The 22-year-old student had only been watching the infant for a mere three weeks when she found out that she shared the same blood type with Talia. Although not always an indication of an organ match, Kiersten investigated further and came to learn that she could, in fact, affect the course of the baby’s life if she did one thing—donated a part of her liver.

A nanny’s big-hearted decision

In an interview with Chasing News, Kiersten explains how she came to the decision to go under the knife for 16-month-old Talia.

“It never crossed my mind going into the job, really, and then a couple weeks went by and I did some research,” Kiersten says. “After doing the research, it didn’t seem like that big of a sacrifice to save a life. She’s, like, the happiest baby and I couldn’t, like, not try and see if I was a match.”

Once doctor’s confirmed that Kiersten could act as Talia’s donor, the surgery was scheduled and was performed in Philadelphia in January of this past year.

Since then, Talia has made a recovery that doctors are calling “miraculous.” The portion of the organ that was transplanted will grow with the child and should provide her with what she needs to live a healthier life.

As for Kiersten, when Chasing News caught up with her, she was still “moving around like an old lady,” but she was expected to make a full recovery in 5 weeks when her liver would fully regenerate on its own. Wow—the human body sure is capable of doing some amazing things!

To see even more adorable photos and learn more about Kiersten and Talia’s special story, be sure to click on Inside Edition’s video below. Something tells us this babysitter won’t be without a job anytime soon!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this sitter’s noble deed. Have you ever donated an organ to someone? If so, what was your experience like? Do you have an amazing nanny?