When it comes to homemade sweet treats this Valentine’s Day, why not REALLY go for it? Your sweetheart will be impressed, you’ll be proud of yourself, and you’ll both be full of delicious and delightful desserts. We’ve got your inspiration right here with these EIGHT ideas from My Cupcake Addiction, who’s taking all the typical trappings of the holiday and making them that much more special— and she’s demonstrating all eight in only five minutes. Watch and pick out your favorite!

Did you catch all of those? Just in case, here’s the full list of My Cupcake Addiction’s treats! Click the links to see her more detailed, step-by-step instructions.

  1. Strawberry Skewers
  2. DIY Conversation Hearts
  3. Heart Chocolate Box Cakes
  4. Conversation Heart Piñata Cakes
  5. Exploding Heart Cupcakes
  6. Balloon Chocolate Box Cake
  7. Patchwork Cupcakes
  8. Rose Cake Pops

Which one will you be trying first?