When I was a little kid, all I wanted was a canopy bed. I thought that they were so unique, so romantic, and I loved the idea of wrapping the fabric around my bed and having my own little space (I shared a bedroom with my little sister for years). So when my mom bought me one from IKEA, it was the best day ever. Now, 15 years later, I’m still missing my cool canopy! If you can relate to nine-year-old me and a canopy bed is all you’ve ever wanted, it’s not too expensive or complicated to make your own! Especially with these seven clever DIY ideas. Check out these seven brilliant ways that you can easily transform your room and sleep in your dream bed.

  1. Rustic Stick Canopy

    Branch CanopyRemodelista

    A stick for a canopy? Your eyes are not deceiving you! Find a sturdy stick outside, hopefully one with a cool shape to it, clean it off and sand it down. You can easily hang it from the ceiling using chains and hooks from any hardware store and give your room an effortlessly shabby chic vibe.

  2. Thumbtack Canopy

    Thumbtack CanopyRosy Red Buttons

    Looking for something a little more simple? This lovely canopy has been hung using ONLY thumbtacks! Amazing. This project will require a more lightweight fabric, but it should take you less than 15 minutes to get it all set up.

  3. Fabric Canopy

    Headboard CanopyDesign Sponge

    We love this thick, fabric canopy because it’s two glorious things in one: a canopy and a headboard! This is such a creative way to get the bed you’ve been (literally) dreaming of, and you can customize the look with any color or patterned fabric you’d like.

  4. Curtain Rod Canopy

    Curtain Rod CanopyBetter Homes and Gardens

    A classic choice for a DIY canopy is curtain rods. You can see why; they’re sturdy and clearly made for exactly this kind of project! In this case, a slightly different take on the curtain rod canopy has been done with two small rods, one supporting the cozy fabric on each side of the bed.

  5. Copper Rod Canopy

    Copper Pipe CanopyOne Kings Lane

    No curtain rods to speak of? Get creative with a hint of metallic flare. This copper rod has been screwed into the ceiling all around the bed in question, with curtains put onto it as if it were a traditional curtain rod. This gives the room such a modern, edgy look without going over-the-top.

  6. Dorm Room Canopy

    Dorm Room CanopyApartment Therapy

    We call this a dorm room canopy because it’s so easy, cheap, and reversible that it would be the perfect project for a college student – but truthfully, anyone can make this canopy! All you need to get started is some fabric you love and a hula hoop. See? Easy.

  7. Fairy Lights Canopy

    Canopy BedsBuzzFeed

    Once your perfect canopy is set up, however you chose to do it, give it some lovely pizzazz! We love the idea of stringing lights through the thin fabric of a canopy so you have a magical glowing effect around your whole bed. Talk about feeling like a princess!

Did you transform your bed with a canopy? How did you do it? Share your project ideas in the comments section below.