15 DIY Hacks to Give Your Furniture New Life

Have a dingy piece of furniture that’s just taking up space in your home? Odds are, you’re tempted to toss it every time you look at it. It’s breaking, old, and doesn’t even serve a useful purpose in your home anymore. Plus, it’s ruining the look of your decor big time.

As hard as it is, resist the urge to scrap that furniture! There are so many easy ways to take those old pieces and give them new life and a new purpose. Try these 15 brilliant hacks to revive your old furniture and rescue your home decor.

1. Dresser // Kitchen Island

Have an old dresser looking clunky in your sleek, stylish bedroom? Give that bureau some TLC (a new coat of paint and a new tabletop, perhaps?) and you’ve got yourself a DIY kitchen island! We don’t know about you, but a kitchen island is on our decor bucket list, so getting this dream piece so easily seems too good to be true.

2. Drawers // Indoor Plant Holder

If you live in an urban location, or even if you just want more life inside, plants are a way to bring a little green into the picture. They always freshen up a room instantly! For a sleek way to display your plants, take old drawers, repaint them, and hang them on the walls as indoor plant holders.

3. Crib Bars // Craft Rack

So the kids are all grown, which means that they no longer need their old baby clothes, toys, and their cribs. This piece of furniture can seem incredibly useless once your children have grown up, but consider taking one of the walls for your craft room! It’s so easy to hang spools of thread or other craft materials off the rungs of these walls.

4. Garage Door // Dining Room Table

So a garage door may not be what your mind goes to when you think of “furniture” but this DIY is too cool. This man took his old, chipping garage door and turned it into a gorgeous new dining room table. The process itself looked…a little stressful, to be honest, but the end result is stunning.

5. Bookshelf // Functional Headboard

If an old bookshelf is starting to chip, don’t send it to the dump! Take off your books and instead put those shelves behind your bed. Bookshelves make for some creative and useful headboards, whether you put them on the ground of hang them on the wall.

6. End Table // Dog Bed

We’ve got to give a little love to our four-legged friends, too! Do you have an old end table that just doesn’t go with your decor anymore? Repurpose it into a luxurious bed for your dog, or even your cat!

7. Bureau // Rolling Bar

Consider yourself something of an entertainer? Then you know you need a stocked bar at all times! For little hutches or bureaus that aren’t serving their original purpose, transform them into a rolling bar with this simple, fabulous tutorial.

8. Hutch // Coffee Station

People who would prefer coffee over booze, are going to opt for this DIY instead: a coffee station, made from an old hutch and perfect for morning brunch. You can transform a cabinet like this to match any kitchen decor you have (French country, rustic, modern, ect.) and it’s perfect for keeping all your coffee-related things in one place.

9. Crib Base // Office Desk

Another DIY using your kids old crib, except this time you’re using the base of the crib rather than just the walls. By removing one wall (maybe for your craft hanger!) you have the makings of a perfect office desk. You choose the tabletop (we love how this one is glass) and then decorate it to your hearts content.

10. Bench // Beds

Need another bed but don’t have a spare bedroom? That’s okay, you can use old benches to create your own bed. Make sure the benches have been cleaned up and painted before piling a cushion, sheets, and pillows on top. Voila, a bed which you can take apart and put back together in seconds.

11. Drawer Knobs // Coat Hooks

Again, another way to reuse old drawers from any furniture, except we’re using a different part of the drawer. Rather than use the body of the drawer, take off the front where the knob is displayed. Hang these on any wall for a cool way to hang coats, scarves, or laundry.

12. Coffee Table // Cushioned Ottoman

We don’t know about you, but we think a plush ottoman automatically brings sophistication to any room. Don’t rush out to buy an expensive one, though, not when you can make your own out of an old coffee table! We are definitely trying this DIY tutorial.

13. Old Door // Picture Frame

Want a rustic way to display your family photos? Take a cue from this tutorial, which uses a vintage-looking door to make a multi-picture frame. This would make an amazing gift for mother’s day, father’s day, or any holiday!

14. Plastic Cooler // Ice Chest

So a cooler might not be traditional “furniture”, but as we’ve learned, little pieces like this can become pretty cool DIYs if given the chance. In this case, you can take a dirty, old plastic cooler and transform it into a rustic ice chest that’s perfect for backyard barbecues!

15. Bed Frame // Bench

Old sleigh bed frames are, no offense to anyone, kind of out. Meaning, they’re old news. If you’re making way for a sleek, fresh bed frame, then use those old sleigh pieces to make this amazing bench! So we guess sleigh beds are actually really in again, if you think about it.


What do you think of these hacks? Have you repurposed furniture in a cool, different way? Share your ideas in the comments section below.