You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy using puffy paint. Adults, don’t be ashamed! Puffy paint is easy to use, looks SO cool, and is just downright fun for your arts and crafts! For the kids crafts, sure, and for your grown up arts and crafts, too. You can use puffy paint to make t-shirts, cell phone cases, and so much more. In honor of the versatility of puffy paint, we are going to share with you this amazing video from What’s Up Moms, in which she shows us three fun, new ways you can use puffy paint! Watch the video below to see all three crafts.

Never run out of excuses to use puffy paint. Literally, we would like to incorporate it into every craft, is that cool with you guys? Cool.

HOMEMADE STAMPS – Using a wooden craft block (or anything really, you can use a bottle cap or a wine cork for small designs!) paint your design on the surface with puffy paint. Let dry for a few hours and then use your new stamp for your fancy letters or for the kids to play with!

WINDOW CLINGS – There is nothing more fun than these window stickers! All you need is some parchment paper. Using puffy paint, draw your design onto the paper (we love her idea for a window tic-tac-toe game) and then peel away after a few hours. These decals can be used on windows, in the car, or even in the bathtub!

HOBNAIL GLASSES – Hobnail glasses (which are glassware with distinctive bumps on their surface) are such cool pieces to have around your kitchen! You can make your own by sticking a piece of tape down the side of any glass or jar, to use as a guide. Dot your puffy paint down the side of the tape for a nice, straight line. Then spray paint for gorgeous DIY glassware!

Looking to make your own puffy paint? Go for it! There’s an easy way to make your own right at home.

Do you use puffy paint for any fun projects? Share your ideas in the comments section below.