25 Surprising Hotel Tips Everyone Needs to Know

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel, you’ve probably noticed some interesting tidbits from your overnight stays. At the very least, you’ve probably questioned certain things. Is it still acceptable to tip housekeeping? Do you have to settle for the continental breakfast? And why are some hotel rooms hundreds of dollars more than others?

These are most likely things that your hotel staff isn’t going to tell you, either because they don’t want you to know or they wouldn’t think to share them with you!

Well, we have 25 lesser-known hotel tips, tricks, and information that no one at your hotel is willing to tell you upfront. Here are just a few of our favorite hotel hacks that we will definitely be keeping in mind the next time we book a room.

1. Stars Don’t Mean Anything

When we see a five-star hotel, our minds immediately assume that these are the best of the best, the fanciest hotels available. While this MIGHT be true in some cases, stars don’t really dictate the quality of your hotel stay.


All stars really indicate are the amount of amenities available; for instance, the size of the rooms, WiFi, a pool, a gym, ect. So you can stay at a five-star hotel…but you may experience what we would consider “one-star” service, rooms, or food.

2. What Stars DO Mean Is…

How you should tip your housekeeper. The practice of tipping housekeeping seems to be going out of style, but we always encourage a hotel guest to tip the housekeeping staff – after all, they have the most dangerous (and most disgusting) job in the entire hotel.


The amount of stars allotted to the hotel will determine how much you should tip: $5 for three stars, $10 for four stars, $20 for five stars. And remember, most hotels do have a rotating staff, so tipping each day is always encouraged.

3. You Don’t Have to Settle for Continental

Something about hearing the word “continental breakfast” makes the idea seem so fancy. In reality, you’re usually offered stale pastries and apples that look like they could be made out of wax. Any hotel guest worth their salt knows that the hot breakfast buffet is where it’s at.


But what if your room only comes with continental breakfast? It’s a little known fact that you may be able to negotiate yourself a better deal. Always ask if hot breakfast is being served, and if it is, ask if you can have this option with your room rather than the continental spread. You may have just gotten yourself a hot place of scrambled eggs and free access to the waffle iron. Score.

4. Ask For a Corner Room

If you feel a bit claustrophobic in tiny hotel rooms, there is a way to upgrade without straight-up asking for a bigger room and maybe feeling like a jerk. Instead, ask for a corner room, where more space is guaranteed.


And if you don’t mind just asking for an upgrade without being covert, then we highly suggest waiting until no other guests are around; it increases your chances tenfold.

5. If You Want a King, Always Double Check

Even if you reserved your king sized bed months ago, it’s never actually certain that this luxurious accommodation is available until the day you arrive. Make sure to call and confirm the size bed you requested a few days before you check in, and then call AGAIN on the day of. This will keep you on the radar of the hotel staff and increase your chances of actually getting the bed you asked for.


Check out the videos below for 20 more fascinating hotel tips and tricks! You’ll be know-it-all guest in no time at all.

Do you have any advice for staying in a hotel? Share your hotel hacks in the comments section below.