15 Ways to Decorate for the 4th of July with Mason Jars

It’s hard to believe, but we’re almost to the midpoint of the year, which means that Americans are gearing up for that most patriotic of holidays: the Fourth of July! Pretty soon all of our homes are going to be bursting with red, white and blue decorations, and we’re always on the look-out for new DIY ideas for that décor. One rustic, all-American material we just had to incorporate? Mason jars, of course! After all, they’re now a staple of our outdoor decorating, so we couldn’t celebrate this summer holiday without them. Check out our favorite ideas for fun July 4th mason jar decorations, and pick a bunch to try this year.

  1. Wand Centerpiece

    You can’t have fireworks indoors, but you can have all the festive feel of them with these pretty star-wand centerpieces! Even better, at the end of the day you can dismantle them for a kid-friendly party favor.

  2. Tic-Tac-Toe Board

    Speaking of kids, keep them entertained with decorations that double as games! This DIY tic-tac-toe board is beautiful and makes use of the often-ignored mason jar lids.

  3. Fun And Games Station

    Kids need something a little more exciting than a board game? Use mason jars to make a game station of bubbles, snaps and sparklers part of your patriotic décor.

  4. Crocheted Utensil Holders

    What’s better than a patriotic centerpiece? A patriotic centerpiece with PURPOSE! These jar cozies are so cute, a perfect way to make your utensils visible to all your guests, or adapt to other crochet projects.

  5. 4th Of July Wreath

    Start the celebrating right at the front door with this wreath made out of mason jar lids. It’s so colorful and patriotic, you’ll want to leave it up all summer and beyond, from Memorial Day all the way to Veterans Day.

  6. Mantelpiece Jar Flags

    See that pretty flag pattern within the jar? It’s made out of BEANS— dried northern, kidney, and black beans! How clever is that?

  7. Sweet Star Lanterns

    It wouldn’t be a list with mason jars if we didn’t have some lanterns! Try these “sweet star” ones, made with contact paper and glitter . . .

  8. Distressed Lanterns

    . . . these distressed versions made with stickers and chalky paint, which remind us of treasured antique flags . . .

  9. Elegant Flag Luminaries

    . . . these easy, elegant luminaries made with miniature flags . . .

  10. Decoupage Luminary with Ribbon Medallion

    . . . this frosted decoupage luminary with a super-festive DIY ribbon medallion . . .

  11. Flag Stand Luminary

    . . . or these luminaries that not only glow red-white-and-blue, but serve as stands for a whole row of miniature flags!

  12. Flag Flower Vases

    Flowers make everything prettier, and the DIY vases that hold them should add to the décor! These vases form a flag that’s even better than the blooms.

  13. Flower Flag

    Individual flowers in mason jar vases are pretty enough, but when they come together to form an all-natural flag? It’s really something special.

  14. Star-Shaped Fruit Drink

    Slice watermelon into a star shape, then mix it with strawberries, blueberries and water for a refreshing red-white-and-blue beverage. Serving and enjoying it in a mason jar lets you show it off!

  15. Candle Holders

    You don’t have to make lanterns to light up your Fourth! These simple and fun candle holders are ones you can reuse again and again for ALL the patriotic holidays.

Pretty soon we’re going to be using mason jars for ALL the holidays. Who could blame us, though, when the ideas are this good? If you want even more mason jar Fourth of July inspiration, check out this guide from Country Living, and share your own ideas! How do you like to decorate for Independence Day?