15 Silly Dads With Pretty Makeovers

Fatherhood is never boring, and being a parent will sometimes have you doing things you’d never thought you’d be doing. Along with being a responsible, mature adult, it’s necessary to let loose and be silly.

Back to the things you’d never thought you’d be doing. When you’ve got daughters, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be invited to a number of tea parties and galas. That means sitting in toddler-sized seats, sipping on fake tea and munching on cookies.

With daughters, you will also participate in beauty rituals that might turn out to work wonders for your personal style. How many of you daughters out there remember asking dad or mom to play dress up or be your salon clients for the day? The manicures, the pedicures, and the hairdos bring back memories, right?

The sweet dads in the pictures below had no problem getting primped, pampered, and dressed up for their little girls. Don’t be deceived by some of the serious facial expressions – they’re really having a ball. Makeovers like the ones in these photos may just inspire you to get one for yourself!

  1. Happy Customer

    When you need two stylists to handle your mane.

  2. Artists-in-Training

    Dad was the first one to volunteer so his daughters could practice their skills. Those rouge cheeks are popping.

  3. King Dad

    Gotta love the long, flowing braid, and the crown just completes the look.

  4. Hair Affair

    Two mohawks are ALWAYS better than one.

  5. Professional Stylist

    Dad knew he could only go to the best in the business. Now if she could only find that last clip. . .

  6. Purple Pageantry

    There’s no way he’s losing to the competition this year.

  7. Make a Wish

    When your fairy godmother makes you pretty AND lets you borrow her wand.

  8. The Eyes Have It

    Just a little bit more mascara. . .

  9. Elsa is Never Alone

    Big Elsa has to be there to chaperone all the little Elsas.

  10. Full Face

    This little girl made sure to highlight all of her dad’s best features.

  11. Woke Up Like This

    Fresh-faced and pretty-in-pink!

  12. A Softened Look

    It’s the heart that really softens his features. And that mustache is winning too. Just ask the Minion.

  13. Twinning

    This talented makeup artist can work her magic in a dimly lit room for both of them. Note the chin work.

  14. Banded Together

    Because no makeover is complete unless the leg hair gets styled too.

  15. Royal Treatment

    Super Dad deserves nothing but the best, and he’s getting it!

It’s hard to turn down an adorable little face that wants to redo your hair, nails, and skin. Who could say no? It’s a sweet way to bond with your little one, who will remember these moments for a long time.

We know some of you are dads, uncles, and grandfathers who have this sort of fun all the time with little girls in your life. Keep indulging in those manicures and hair remakes. We love it!

What do you think of these darling makeovers? Have you gotten pretty for your daughters? Did they get you while you were awake or asleep?