After Getting Fired, Ex-Employee Shared the Company’s Famous “Secret Sauce” Recipe On Twitter

@JanniAreYouOkay via Twitter

Spilling secrets from behind the scenes of well-known establishments is nothing new. We love to hear insider info from waiters, airline employees, or hotel staff.

But when a secret recipe is involved there’s an extra twist. Remember when news hit that KFC’s original recipe was revealed? Oh, the web frenzy. The brand later denied it, but many are still convinced they’ve got those 11 herbs and spices.

There’s another chain restaurant in the web’s scope whose secret sauce is the business. Raising Cane’s – based in the South – is a popular fast food spot that specializes in chicken fingers. That’s it. Not wings. Not pieces of fried chicken. It’s fingers and fries.

Along with their scrumptious chicken fingers, the company has a dipping sauce that’s their signature. It’s a big draw, and someone claiming to be a former employee dropped the recipe on Twitter. She claimed to have been fired from the chain and then wrote out the five ingredients with measurements and a pic.

Many have tried to duplicate their own version of the sauce, so finding out this secret was like getting their hands on the Holy Grail. If you’re familiar with Raising Cane’s Restaurant and their famous sauce, then learning what’s in it might just change your life. Here’s what was bestowed by Twitter user @JanniAreYouOkay:

That wasn’t all. She then went on to share the recipe for their Texas toast, which included Holsum BBQ bread, butter and garlic salt. Nothing too complicated, right?

Once the tweets spread like wildfire, the company put the social media fire out through their own Twitter account. Hold your horses before going all copycat, because the chain released a damage-control statement saying that NO ONE except for their general managers knows the secret. Rumor has it that it is passed down orally only. That is the stuff that recipe lore is built on!

We’re not sure who to believe, but tweeters who tried this version were happy. Some said it tastes spot-on, while others said leaving it to sit overnight is the key. What you may not know is that though honey-mustard and other basic condiments are free at the restaurant, you’ve got to pay to taste this dipping sauce.

@JanniAreYouOkay via Twitter

We doubt the Louisiana-based chain is too worried though. Over the last twenty years, Raising Cane’s has opened 350 restaurants throughout the world. According to them, lots of recipes have been posted online claiming to be their secret formulas. Social media just helps these things to gain traction.

Sticking to a simple menu with a few standout items has helped them earn fans and continue to grow. Fried chicken fingers with a special sauce seems to be a winning combo for this eatery that’s been compared to Chick-Fil-A and KFC.

Like those two chicken-peddling giants, Raising Cane’s is going to have to keep their blends under wraps, and beware the ex-employee. But if you’re willing try, now you have something to go with your homemade chicken fingers!

Do you think this recipe is legit? Are you a regular customer of Raising Cane’s?

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