These 21 Women Who Ditched Hair Dye Are Inspiring People Everywhere to Rock Their Grey

For some women, the reality of aging and all that comes with it can be a challenge. There are wrinkles, lines, strands or tufts of grey hair, and natural body changes. And yes, men feel it too. But how’s about a celebration?

That’s what Grombre is for. In the ocean of images and opinions that is Instagram, Grombre is a community for women who are loving their grey. The best part about it is there are women of all ages who are high-fiving each other and discussing how they feel about their silver crowns.

The name of the group is an ode to the ombré hair dyeing technique that blends different hair hues together. But in this case, it’s not purple merging with blonde or brown hair, it’s the grey effect.

Grombe was started in 2016 by 26-year-old named Martha Truslow Smith, who found her first grey strand at 14. She wanted to take away the stigma of women going grey and create a supportive environment where everyone feels accepted and not judged.

Today, the account has over 70,000 followers and is continuing to grow. Check out some of the beautiful and inspirational posts from the account right here!

1. Mother & Daughter

This young lady proudly proclaims, “I get it from my momma!”

2. Founder of Grombe, Martha Truslow Smith

3. Defy the Dye Bride

“I got married last year. I had people saying ‘you should dye your hair for your wedding. You’ll regret it. You’re going to look so old!’. I could not be happier about the fact that I was MYSELF on my wedding day!”

4. So Cool She’s Got to Wear Shades

“Almost got upset today when someone asked me if I was my niece’s grandma 👵 but then I got home and my husband said that I look like the best version of me.”

5. Rockin’ Purple and Grey

6. Pregnant and Glowing with Silver

7. Lovely Mama

@young_and_gray29 shared that she started graying at age 13 and stopped coloring her locks a few years ago. Go!

8. At Peace

“I’ve been greying since the age of 13 and I’ve never dyed my hair. Furthermore, I’ve been growing it since 12 and I have entirely forfeited cutting it five years ago. I’m profoundly happy with the way it looks. The colour and the length combined are one of my favourite attributes.”

9. Stunning Crown

10. Free

“Hi! I’m from Guatemala City, Guatemala. I started noticing grey at the age of 11. Now i am 30. Haven’t colored my hair in 4 years. My mom, sister and me have the same hair color.”

11. Letting it Flow

12. Get Off the Fence

“I may look older now, but I have rarely been as happy with myself as a whole as during this transition so far. I have learnt to love me for who I am and just the way I am, and I owe it to my hair 😊 I often hear that it is only hair, but the truth is that there is more than just hair involved.
To those of you on the fence, give it a try. If you do not like it you can always go back to colouring your hair!”

13. Wisdom Streaks

14. Do But No Dye

“About 5 years ago, I decided to go gray. All on it’s own, my hair became what I’d been trying to achieve for years through dyes — dynamic, unique, and vibrant. It feels so good to just be myself.”

15. 26-Year-Old Beauty

16. Loves Grombre

“My mom said I always had a small patch of silver from a child but not noticeable (I don’t remember seeing grey hair as a child but my hair was thick and long so my mom would comb it and put it in really funky styles). As a young adult, I had dreadlocks but I would dye them black so they would look “healthy” and shiny. About 6 years ago, my hairdresser at the time said, “why are you dyeing these wonderful greys?!! People are paying to put grey in and covering yours up!”. I stopped and embraced my silver patch. When I cut my locs off, my “mojo” (yes, that’s what I call it) burst forth in all its glory… Did I say how thrilled I was to find this community?”

17. Grey for Life

“I’m a Mexican girl, I’m 30 years old, but I have had grey hair since I was 5 years old and I actually love it. I’m very happy to discover hundreds of women like me.”

18. Silver Coils

19. Superhero

“I have had patches of grey in my hair since I was 13. I have dyed my hair over 50 times since then (8 years ago!) and now I just embrace it, pretend I’m Rogue from X-Men and have a grand old time!” 

20. Generational

“My white streak began to show when I was 16 years old. My mother, aunt and uncle all have white hair. I can never see me coloring my hair. It is truly a part of who I am.”

21. Running in the Family

To learn more about the Grombre community, follow the Instagram page at @grombre! This group is made up of women of all ages who are feeling free with their stunning silver tresses.

Did you too start getting grey hairs at an early age? Do you dye your streaks or let them roam freely? What do you think of Grombre and these women?