It is amazing how many driving rules people either forget or just choose to blow off. One of those is passing a stopped school bus. It’s a scenario I’m sure you have seen at least once in your town. I see it all the time.

Sometimes it takes someone getting in trouble to change the bad behavior. Pasco County resident Monica Douglas was fed up with watching drivers fly by stopped school buses along busy Florida Highway 19, so she turned her concern into action.

She whipped out her camera and started recording instances of people violating this basic driving law. She shot footage of the school buses with their stop bars and flashers on and streams of cars who kept going. Douglas then sent it on to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department and asked them to intervene.

This week, they showed up to catch people in the act. Once again, Douglas was there to film another day of traffic zooming past the stopped bus, but the police were waiting up ahead. You’ll see in this clip how many lawbreakers get pulled over at one time. Got ‘em!

Douglas can be heard on camera celebrating the triumph, which signifies a win for the children whose safety is at stake. With so many instances in the news about kids – in one case even siblings – being killed by drivers who decided to bypass bus rules, sometimes steps like these are necessary.

The lesson? Obey the traffic laws. They are in place to protect kids, pedestrians, bus drivers, and really, all drivers. Who wants to be responsible for a school bus tragedy that could have been avoided by stopping?

Are you on board with this woman’s move? Have you seen this scene play out too? Did you get the law involved or intervene in some other way?