Decorating the porch during winter can be a challenge. You have to work with several factors, including how the weather affects the space and the impact it plays on your personal design style. To make sprucing up your wintertime porch easier, here are several dos and don’ts to remember.


  • Use bold colors to highlight pieces. Bold colors pack a punch and create a stronger impact, especially against a snowy backdrop. Try candy apple red or evergreens in your accessories, such as pots, vases, rugs, and throws. If you’re feeling bolder, paint the door a deep purple or glossy red.


  • Incorporate natural elements. The secret to achieving the ideal winter porch design is to utilize natural elements as part of the overall theme. Bring in the beauty of nature as you place pots of winter flowers that add color to the porch.


For those who don’t want the hassle of maintaining real plants, plastic alternatives are available. They require no maintenance, so homeowners can stay worry-free.


  • Go bargain hunting. Online stores, flea markets and garage sales are all options for finding affordable porch decor. Seek out furniture locally, and accoutrements online. Also, furniture being retired from inside the house may still have a second-life on the porch.



  • Recycle. You can still use that dated Christmas evergreen – just modify it a bit to make it less Christmas-y and you’ll have the perfect winter wreath. Take empty Mason jars, fill them halfway with pebbles from your garden, and place tea light candles inside. Other old items like buckets and brooms can also add beauty to your porch.



  • Use thick fabrics. This helps add warmth and a cozier ambiance to the area. You may also want to use a thick door mat, which can serve as one of your accessories. Many people love using thick red doormats because they’re eye-catching.



  • Create dramatic lighting. With proper lighting, a porch can instantly transform from drab and dreary to warm and inviting. Use candles and low-wattage incandescent bulbs for that warm, mellow glow. You may also use rope lights around the borders of the porch.



  • Make it spacious. Provide ample space so that you and your guests can move around freely. Perhaps you can make do with one big wicker couch and a coffee table instead of the entire living room set.



  • Don’t go overboard. Too many items in the porch can be overwhelming. Not to mention, it cramps up the space. Choose your decor and accessories carefully.


  • Don’t purchase items just because they’re cheap. Always look into the long-term period before shelling out your money. Go for durable items that you can use over and over again.



  • Don’t make every item shiny. While metallic hues look good during winter, you still need to observe proper color combinations. Use metallic colors sparingly, lest your porch look like a disco dance floor.


Hopefully, these tips will guide you as you decorate your porch for the winter. Happy decorating!

Jennifer Lutz is the home décor expert at She frequently writes about seasonal décor topics, including this post about creating a festive entryway which recently published on the Christmas Tree Market Blog: